Ghost Skull, Jimmy Vermin, Harsh Noise Movement – 3 – Way Split

Artists: Ghost Skull, Jimmy Vermin, Harsh Noise Movement.
Title: 3 – Way Split
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wallharshnoise wall hnw noise United Kingdom

Holy macaroni, let me tell you about yet another fantastic brand new release on this label for the people who like their audio a bit harsher then medium. This one will again inspire and thrill anyone willing to roll in with ears wide open and the volume all the way up towards the mental zone. Ghost Skull’s first track is an instant insanity that will excite you in the finest cruel way!

It’s like listening to inner Donald Ducks (a whole bunch of them) all incredible deeply fried, tormented and going through an insane process of torturing tournaments that no duck should be able to survive. The sound is super fanatic, so much so that your own heartbeats might go and beat the shit out of you from the inside out. The sound is so fanatic and wild that it’s tickling the endorphins enough to come out and play. The long lasting beep that reveals itself in the intensive action, is like an aircraft lifting us up through heavy turbulence.

Once up, the crazy ducks slaughter starts to boil up and scream, ridiculing any form of silence like tea kettles burning & melting away on the hot flames of a cooker. Everything penetrates the ears, nose, and the mouth with bewildering crunches and skin-peeling lunacy. The rush that this material gives is not even close to comparable to the normal thrill of a rollercoaster ride; this is crushing the ability to hear in such an exciting fun way that if it would evoke a heart-attack; it would be worth it!

But please don’t die yet, as it would be such a shame! Besides there is so much more to this release! For example the performance of a certain Jimmy Vermin who takes no break and disqualifies silence to join this release. The harsh sound gets quickly harshly smooth and sharp, like listening to car engines and being cut repeatedly every millisecond with a whole collection of sharp knives. It feels bloody wet, like a gigantic stream of blood to be devoured under. This session is named ‘Michael Jackson’ and it makes sense as didn’t he have a song or an album named ‘blood on the dance floor’? Jimmy Vermin’s session does sound so very bloody, imaginative red liquid all flushed out on the floor to make it into a slip & slide that would ruin anyone’s clothes (unless you like them deep red…)

The final part of this split is by Harsh Noise Movement, who comes up with what I would like to describe as a clear case of harsh Noise movement. At the beginning you might think of a tractor stuck in the dirt, but soon enough Harsh Noise Movement gets the noise cracking and moving. It comes in waves, and gets underlying electrifying shots to pull up the fire to a recommended flammable sound. With each injection of fresh noise the sound seems to crackle differently, as if our head is made out of wood and the artist had placed a flamethrower against both our ears and start burning our wooden heads from the inside out.

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