Savannah Philyaw, Celine Schmink, Jean Kelley, Alexandrina & Djanan Turan’s latest music videos

Here I sit armed with remote control and a screen and apparently some videos lined up. Is that true, dear assistant who likes to remain anonymous?

Anonymous assistant: yes that’s true.

I got the popcorn ready so I guess we can start the first one. What is it?

Anonymous assistant: it’s a music video

Ah, thank you for your information, you are ever so helpful. Whose music video?

Anonymous assistant: gosh, I don’t know it’s on YouTube so I guess it’s not really from anyone. I mean everybody can visit it , stream and play it.

Ah yes, what modern times we live in. And youtube videos are able to be viewed on our big screen?

Anonymous assistant: apparently yes.

Marvelous! So what is the artist called?

Anonymous assistant: which artist?

The one who made the music in the music video?

Anonymous assistant: Savannah Philyaw. It’s a music video by Savannah Philyaw

What a nice name. Savannah sounds like an exotic desert and yaw like a cowboy yell and Phil from Doctor Phill. It’s definitely a name to remember! I’m pretty ready for Savannah Philyaw’s music… oh one last thing; what’s the title of the song?

Anonymous assistant: what’s next? You want to know my credit card number?

Just the title, please.

Anonymous assistant: Love Remains

… well that’s a good one.

Anonymous assistant: what?

The title.

Anonymous assistant: yes it is. It also happens to be a factual fact at the same time.

I guess we don’t have time for that, but I would love to see this ‘Love Remains’ music video by Savannah Philyaw now..

Anonymous assistant: well what are you waiting for?


Anonymous assistant: oh I can only place it here. It’s up to the Anonymous assistants reading this (hi there!) to press ‘play’ so you could watch and hear it together. Isn’t that nice? Wait I’ll embed it now..

Please dear readers at home; to you the honor to work for us by voluntarily clicking ‘play’. Thank you ever so much…


Anonymous assistant: boss? You alright?

… yes, sorry. I was a bit touched by it all.

Anonymous assistant: touched by what or by who?

The music, the video, the voice, the light, the story… you know it was some sentimental stuff.

Anonymous assistant: really?

You heartless soulless prick! Don’t you have no heart? Even you should have felt something?! Didn’t you watch the video?

Anonymous assistant: nope. I’m Anonymous and I have no eyes or feelings.

Well, let me tell you what you have missed out on: a very pretty video with a moving story of an actual case of ‘love remaining’. The transformation from a boy and a girl into a tattoos man and a woman who have magical friendship wristbands that grow along with their evolving wrists. It has a really good feel-good vibe, a love story that visually pleases and fits so very well with the song. What did you think of the music?

Anonymous assistant: I wasn’t listening

You are very rude. You must be the most useless Assistant, ever. Wait a minute… how are you able not to listen to the music while you are being right here? Did you put your fingers in both your ears or something?

Anonymous assistant: I was wearing ear muffs; it’s rather cold here don’t you agree?

Yes, well you have been missing out! It is a lovely song with a heart and meaning & the video is like a cinematic love story; it is really touching.

Anonymous assistant: glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, I sure did. Thanks for making it possible for me to go through. It is appreciated. So what’s next?

Anonymous assistant: well, now that you are sounding so enthusiastic, I have another music video trembling in line for you to see and hear!

What? Another music video? It must be my lucky day!

Anonymous assistant: if it is, I really recommend you to buy a lottery ticket.

Good idea… but let’s do this music video screening first. Whose music is it?

Anonymous assistant: Celine Schmink.

Ah another artist blessed with a fantastic name. If I was a woman I would have loved to be named Celine. It’s a name that is pronounced so graciously don’t you think?

Anonymous assistant: whatever you say boss…

And Schmink, you know that’s the practice of applying face paint. Or at least I thought it was when growing up in Holland. In any case it’s a perfect name for someone in the spotlight. Whats the song called?

Anonymous assistant: Miss Molly

Oh yes, me too. I miss Molly too, but you know too much drugs might get those brain cells disappearing in no time.

Anonymous assistant: I wasn’t talking about drugs. ‘Miss Molly’ is the name of the song.

Got it! So let’s roll the tape shall we?

Anonymous assistant: well that’s not exactly how it works these days but I’ll get what you mean. Let’s me embed the video here so the dear readers can hit the play button for us.

How delightfully modern…

Anonymous assistant: yup, here we go:


Anonymous assistant: are you alright?

Oh yes, simply mesmerized by Miss Molly.

Anonymous assistant: yes that can happen, in fact I feel I’m pretty mesmerized myself.

What did you think of the song?

Anonymous assistant: its mesmerizing.

Yes, true to that. Anything else?

Anonymous assistant: was it my ears playing tricks on me, or was she singing in French?

That was definitely French. Such a lovely language, right? It’s sounds so poetic, so sweet and romantic and so…

Anonymous assistant: …mesmerizing?

Yes, you can read my mind. I thought the video was also adventurous and sexy, if I may be blunt..

Anonymous assistant: you may always be blunt.

Thank you. I appreciate that. The whole motor club part, Route 66, the enormous tire, the motorbike scene, the location, the boots, jeans and sunshine…

Anonymous assistant: the poses..

Yes, mesmerizing. Also the voice of Celine was pretty much mesmerizingly enjoyable, right?

Anonymous assistant: do you understand French?

No, but that doesn’t matter right? Perhaps it even helps not to know what the lyrics are about, it helps to keep us trapped in some state of being uh … what’s the word?

Anonymous assistant: mesmerized.

Yes, exactly! Gosh I was so mesmerized I completely forgot about my popcorn.

Anonymous assistant: you can give it to me if you want? I’m sure you will have no time for it when I give you the next music video…

There is more?

Anonymous assistant: apparently there is, genius.

Well who is the artist this time?

Anonymous assistant: Jean Kelley with a song named ‘Stacking Stones’

Is this artist family of R Kelly?

Anonymous assistant: no, that is written differently.

Thank you, you are finally living up to the honor of being a good Assistant. Now please embed this video for me so the readers at home can click it, okay?

Anonymous assistant: your wish is my command:


Anonymous assistant: what’s the matter, boss?

I … I just don’t know.

Anonymous assistant: ohooowoohooh


Anonymous assistant: I’m singing ohoowoohooh because of the music and it rhyming with your ‘I don’t know.’

Yes… lovely of you.

Anonymous assistant: didn’t you like it?

What? The music video or your singing talent?

Anonymous assistant: the music video, eh?

Oh yes, I was kind of taken in by it. It felt so big budget to me, great landscape shots, sound effects, close ups and acting actors. The make up, the lighting, the facial expressions and the camera angles etc. it took me by surprise…

Anonymous assistant: in a good way?

Yes, I think so. Just wasn’t expecting it. Also I’m not sure what was happening in the music video. I felt like I went to the art house cinema and don’t know if I missed something or got it.

Anonymous assistant: got what?

The intelligence to know the video’s meaning. At first the woman runs away from another woman, and than these people who seem to be out for her in order to give her a bath… and when she comes out a little girl gives her a crown and you know… lots of visual information…

Anonymous assistant: do you want to see it again?

I should. It’s one of those rare video clips that have so much things to see and going on that it would be stupid to only watch it once.

Anonymous assistant: I can embed it again if you want?

Nah, I guess this post would be too long. I will write ‘Jean Kelley’ on the palm of my hand and revisit this video clip from the comfort of my home at a later date. But thanks for offering!

Anonymous assistant: that’s what assistants are for.

Did you enjoy the music?

Anonymous assistant: yes, I did.

That’s what music is for.

Anonymous assistant: … uh, are you ready for another music video?

Sure! I’m on a roll! What’s next? Desert Felinia? Christina Espagna? Justice Jane?

Anonymous assistant: Alexandrina

Alexandria? Alexandrina who?

Anonymous assistant: just Alexandrina.

No sure name? Are you sure there is no sure name? Are you sure?

Anonymous assistant: sure I’m sure there is no sure name, sir.

Good. I like her name, i bet my colleague reviewer Alex Spalding would like her name too.

Anonymous assistant: yes, probably. Shall we cut to the case and embed this video for you to watch?

Hold on! Not too fast! What is the song called?

Anonymous assistant: Viberi Menya / Выбери меня

Okay I have no comment on that, please feel free to embed the video and let the people who read this click it for us all to see and hear.

Anonymous assistant: no problem:


Anonymous assistant: you okay?

Yes, I think pretty much speechless though.

Anonymous assistant: you liked it?

Yes pretty much. I feel like we have just been placed under a spell.

Anonymous assistant: you mean the music video was magical?

Yes and we have been placed under a spell. I can only say ‘Wow’.

Anonymous assistant: I don’t think I’m under a spell.

Well, maybe you should have paid more attention to the music and the video, its so atmospheric and artistically mind blowing. The scenes, the clothes, the people, the freakiness; like a weird dream in which we not really know if it’s scary or beautiful; very interesting to say the least.

Anonymous assistant: what about the lyrics?

Didn’t you hear that she sang in Russian?

Anonymous assistant: yes, so?

I can’t understand one word of Russian…

Anonymous assistant: but you are under their spell?

Yes, apparently magic spells are not being held back by language barriers.

Anonymous assistant: well if you start to act bizarrely, you know I’m gonna take advantage and become you and you will be my Assistant.

Uh, what?

Anonymous assistant: nothing.

What did you think of the music?

Anonymous assistant: it was pretty different from all the other videos. Electronic and pretty haunting in a beautiful way.

Yes, I think it just might be a audio visual master piece! This Alexandrina doesn’t need no surname to be remembered and honored.

Anonymous assistant: glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it? I’m spellbound by it!

Anonymous assistant: yeah, happy for you. It’s also the end of my list of music videos for you, so it’s great to end up with you being so enthusiastic.

Really? There is no more video to squeeze in? This was just going so very well!

Anonymous assistant: well… it’s not really on my list and I believe you seen and reviewed it before… but I guess embedding it again won’t harm a soul?

What is it?

Anonymous assistant: Djanan Turan‘s Dancing Feet!

Ah, yes I remember. That was a good time music video to dance along with, right?

Anonymous assistant: yes, especially with the feet.

Well, okay I’ll stand up from the comfort of this couch and attempt to dance along. I think we all deserve some celebration and occasional exercise after such a intensive report of music videos. By the way, did you notice that all the artists had been woman?

Anonymous assistant: really? Oh, so long diversity… nah, I’m kidding; of course.. that was the whole point. To see if you would notice it… amazing though, you just realize it all the way at the end?

Yes, when I stood up for ‘Dancing Feet’ the blood level to my brain suddenly increased and things started to fall in place. Good job, assistant who likes to be anonymous. Now let’s embed that video and let the readers hit ‘play’ so we can dance this story out…

Anonymous assistant: okay, here we go!

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