Origami Repetika – Jamboree Train

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: Jamboree Train
Keywords: electronica, downbeat, downtempo, lounge, laidback
Label: 20kbps

Origami Repetika is one of those artist you should follow, almost like a stalker ready to pick up any release he drops on various places. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to him while wearing a disguise, but finally waiting around in the bushes peeking through a binocular has been paying off: the hero dropped a brand new release to infuriate every member of the Origami Repetika fan club and music loving crowds world wide! Furious from enthusiasm, almost pulling the hairs out of the eyebrows to calm down from the excitement…

This release will not disappoint , as this artist has never done so before! Origami has this reputation of delivering indefinite quality above quantity, that’s why his fans are so loyal and ultimately ready for the looney bin. But this release brought by the top notch 20kbps netlabel is strong enough to satisfy the die-hard fan as well as the obnoxious first-timer of the Origami Repetika brand to keep their sanity just a little longer.

The first track is one that feels like Origami Repetika changed himself into a strong cowboy, one who rides his big horse into the distance with us dear lost stalkers and new and upcoming fans tightly protected behind him. This is the most manliest sound ever to be heard by this fun loving artist, really transformed himself into a muscular personality who knows how to warm up a can of beans onto a self made campfire. This is the music of Origami Repetika in survival mode, protecting us all with his huge aura while comforting us with this newly shaped skill of guitar playing.

With music as strong and nice like the trustworthy Origami Repetika material like this, nobody would be afraid or living in fear. He is the local super hero who calmly takes us out of any terrible situation and gallops towards any safe area for a picnic and a barbecue. Or perhaps (more fun!) he will invite us to play along with buckets and sticks drumming along on his provision of foods. Perhaps go for a game of ‘Throw ladders’ in which objects are thrown into the distance as a game of strength & power.

Origami Repetika simply puts on his more robust persona, is well balanced of still being able of having a adventurous sense of humor while evidently being all grown up for the baddies to urinate their pants in his presence. He is the kind of guy who shoots quicker then his own shadow, yet will do it with a water gun filled with tasty lemonade and a wild beard perfectly cut to resemble a well groomed lion. He plays his guitar like he plays his 8bit bleeps; hypnotizing and strong; nobody will have to worry when Origami Repetika keeps you into his inner circle.

But don’t worry, our protector and music making hero of trust also knows to provide the right music when it’s time to take a rest and a well deserved break from reality. Origami Repetika will be kind enough to sit next to us while he drums, strokes his melodies in the night breeze and provide his electronic bliss with his playful toes. This one man band has it all under control and sound like the best friend to keep close at heart.

As the final destination Origami Repetika brings us in al safety to the Jamboree Train; the horse, himself with all the soothing instruments and cans of beans & all of us listeners (wether we are stalkers, fans or newbees..) are all brought on board. The train goes for a long pleasant ride in which we all lock arms together, smile and sing wordless songs of cheer feel-good happiness. Up to a new life, a new destination and a brand new adventure! Origami Repetika : we love you!

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