Skyjelly – Gost Rock

Artist: Skyjelly
Title: Gost Rock
Keywords: rock ambient avant-guard bluesexperimental experimental rock hiphop indieindie rock jazz Boston

Skyjelly definitely has the knowledge of instant hypnotic magic & by tuning into this release you will be able to hear and feel it straight away. They start with a rhythm that is easy to be picked up as a transition from nothing, taking your ears on a trip that somehow makes the body of the listening listener automatically move in approval. The addictive baseline that perfectly fits in, the warm layers of hallucinogenic vocal smoothness and cool guitar bits elevate the performance into something that has many similarities of a perfect dream.

The release goes on with ‘Energy Vampire Weekend’ which also comes in such a rhythm that the human heartbeat could automatically lock grooves with. The tempo is laid back, as if we have been drained and the bones feel a bit heavier to swing around with. The laid back style gets a nice uplifting upraising with eccentrically played electric guitar that interweaves with the devotional vocal that ‘no matter what you do’ you’ll probably enjoy. The feel good bass hobbles tightly along, truthfully creating the backbone for another day dream situation.

With the tune named ‘High Neighbor’ Skyjelly puts the gears into a more happy and uplifting sunshiny mood. The vocals here feel like they are done by blessed people who are out to celebrate, who keep the high spirits up no matter what ;nothing can take them down. The fine guitar works go for energetically friendly melodic drifting that will make anyone’s heart glow from a exciting musical trance. This part is the shiny middle point that will do its ultimate best to make you feel as good and positive as a ‘high neighbor’ can get! Let’s form a high neighborhood by sharing this song with as many people as possible; the result will be a much happier life for all involved!

You’re in a chair in the sky’ and the sky is made out of jelly. That last part wasn’t part of the next song title, but felt appropriate to write down. The music gives truly that feeling and vibe as what the title of the track suggests. The trippiness is not only gracious and spacious, it also gets delicately funky. It’s an euphoric experience that makes the listener probably feel like they are dancing around while being high above the clouds, weightless moving the hips in the blue light with fantastic sunrays outlining the groovy dance moves. Skyjelly is one band that you must feel but you must be a real stiff heartless person or to be able to feel it; their music is like drugs that will take you on a high adventure. The deep humming human drone in the backdrop is another facet that helps the whole flying feel and vibe; a psychedelic good time!

The next one ‘Two Hawks’ keep this release its music flying in polite format. It’s perhaps less tripping in sound as the previous song, but truly doesn’t go near a place to land anytime soon. The music feels melodic and happy; life is pretty good high up here! From this distance I would like to take the time to say how great the album art is! Pretty much eye candy that is justifiably the cover.

The final work is ‘Blowing up my mind’ which comes across as if Skyjelly puts its listeners a bit closer to their hearts, seats them on their lap as they carry out a humbling storytelling piece of music that feels as honest and human that it probably returns back faith to the faithless. The music gets first warm and glowingly greeted with a warm humming voice, going for a pretty soft ride of chilled out guitar-love with soothing singing that feels comforting. The rhythm has a bit of a Christmas sound, as if Santa’s Sleigh is filled up with Skyjelly and bringing their pretty sounds to a chimney near you. World peace and trippiness for everyone!

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