Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – 2017 – Everytime I Kiss Your Lips, It Feels Like I Can Taste The Future In My Own Little Hands

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Title: 2017 – Everytime I Kiss Your Lips, It Feels Like I Can Taste The Future In My Own Little Hands
Keywords: devotional sean derrick cooper marquardt noiseSacré Coeur
Label: Ton Doigt Dans Mon Cul Netlabel

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt starts the new year with an interesting release that features the man’s voice on avant-garde mysterious backdrops. It’s the first time that my ears have heard Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt speaking voice and it strangely sounded exactly as you would expect from such a seasoned artist; deep, wise, romantic and in all honesty not unsexy too. The music happenings create a dream like world in which the base is some kind of comfortable bar in which the walls are bouncy, the chairs dance and the wallpaper is very much alive. There are even happy birds chattering and flying around, making it a really lovable session to feel all your senses in.

But it’s not only Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s speaking voice that sets the trend, he also seems to sing along in his hazy self-created world of echo chamber dreams. The highlight between all these pretty pearls must be the title track ‘Everytime I Kiss Your Lips, It Feels Like I Can Taste The Future In My Own Little Hands’ which keeps this utterly romantic vibe with musical tones that feel like lost favorable memories of the good old days. Everything is warm and pretty, sketching the right poetic mood for Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt to lend his sensual sounding voice on. It is really strange but feels to me like a love letter, something coming from a true ronanticus that knows in detail how to make someone feel at ease and special. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt will do his ultimate magic once more with the soothing ‘2017’ that music wise feels so warm and psychedelically friendly that the words spoken by the artist are like soft spoken whispers within the ears. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt showcases a very different intimate new side, one worth to explore and enjoy by the preferable lighting provided by a burning candle.

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