Consistency Nature, Covolux, Irrlicht Project – Beautiful Beast

Artists:Consistency Nature, Covolux, Irrlicht Project
Title: Beautiful Beast
Keywords: Consistency Nature, Covolux, Irrlicht Project, ambient, chill, audio, adventure, beautiful, beauty, beast, lobit, lofi, ambiance, experimental, trip, trip music, new wave, neo classical, new age, erotic, singing, psychedelica, warm, light, dark, ecperimental, soundscapes, dreamstate, dreams, split, top of the flops
Reviewer: Sentimental Chick

Time to bring back memories and revisit a golden oldie. If you join me you will be warmly greeted by the pretty sweet realm that the always dreamily deep lucid soundscapes of Consistency Nature have to offer. Superbly sweet and mind humbling material, close to the minds of Tibetan monks with their thoughts on a alternate psychedelic holiday. Consistency Nature’s voice hums like the wisest and nicest hummer in the entire valley, as the organic organ flows make your inner belly twinkle with joy. Everything is full of natural light in sound form and invites the entire mind and body for a total meltdown of whatever had been bothering you before. Consistency Nature will sing within your heart and its tremblingly beautiful.

It’s hard to beat or follow such honesty but the organic organ played by nobody less than a certain Covolux seem to be spot on in the respective take-over. The warm depth will communicate to all who still have some kind of pure soul left, the higher synthetic strings will benefit a high sentimental value; never thought that reliving of a classic would be that surprisingly effective. Strange bells will ring for extra edge on the whole devotional-emotional venture and it makes me feel proud to know these artists available on this release.

With ‘erotic’ the same Covolux seems to showcase some male voice that seems to be a bit jolly. It’s as if someone wants to sing a song between the bedsheets but no actual words come out. It’s just ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ which might be highly particular. Some guitar smoothness makes it less dirty and steers it into a scene of dark romance. Suddenly the male voice sings ‘erotic’ along with the ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and might experience a slow orgasm in music form.

The Downside also drops a melodic sweetener that feels close to the heart. I can’t really understand how these music pieces are made, but they feel so relatable with sweetness and doubt; featuring some kind of soul from bygone days in melodic dramatic warmth. It’s light and minimal yet feels heavy as a stone. A stone that even though its heavy will still float if you tossed it in water… confusing isn’t it?

At the end it’s time for Irrlicht Project, one of my personal favorite music projects in the entire universe. This is a remix of one of this project’s work and feels like our ears are dropped into a vast amount of warm space. One with many glowing moons, auras with strange blue lights and possible aliens in fancy vessels chilling with their pointy legs on their dashboards. The vast amount of space becomes deeper and more apparent the longer you listen, making me feel like microscopically tiny dot on an earth that is incredibly small in this gigantic cosmos of wonder. What a lovely reliving of a classic free downloadable release. You might like it:

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