Wёska Project feat. Nadya – nab

Artists: Wёska Project feat. Nadya
Title: nab
Keyword: experimental

New discovery to my ears is the music done by Nadia Sayapina-Gendruseva, some information tells us that she creates unusual musical art fabric, experiments with sounds and colors. There is no information given on the collaborator who features her, but Wёska Project was clearly inspired and impressed by Nadia’s intuitive way of composing and seeked to team up for this pretty sounding free downloadable release.

The first session is pure headphone material. I don’t mean it’s material to craft headphones from, but ‘material’ to enjoy, especially when being heard through headphones. The music is next to headphone material pretty much one for tripping. The lush stereo effects with the all-round rhythmic kindly knotted audio substance is bringing such a refreshing sedation of the mind that it will take you somewhere nice and peaceful. The fresh sounding soundscape has also something watery and wet; so don’t worry about dry ears.

A similar glory of sound rising up comes apparent in the second part of the collaboration between Wёska Project and Nadia Sayapina-Gendruseva. Somehow this moment feels like the sound of a warm morning, one in which flowers open up to face the sun and birds gather to see what’s up. It feels so light and bright, kind and gentle: rest assured that this is the material for any part of the day. Crispers fresh and smooth, a session lengthy and good.

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