The Bordellos – The Bordello underground tape vol 5

Artist: The Bordellos
Title: The Bordello underground tape vol 5
Keywords: alternative folk punk garage pop lo-fi post-punkpsychedelic folk St Helens

The Bordellos throw in their fishing gear and instantly plunge their hook into your heart of sentimentality. They roll back the wire to make sure you feel the pressure of honest words with the tones of what sounds like an bontempi organ. Its here that the Bordellos will take frequent listeners by surprise, they have always been real, never run away from saying the truth and being sincere, yet ‘Temperature Drop’ is them at their most beautiful. The words and the singing is so pure here, no facade of humor and wit but a really beautiful piece of real devotion. If you don’t feel it, you clearly don’t have a heart.

Next song is ‘I’m a man’ and this is a bolstering blow of raw energy. It feels like a protest track to showcase muscularity in its musical ways. The music rambles like the rawest march of man who will make all eyes turn unto him if he will enter a building or pass by in the street. Facial hair, marching around, man-spreading in the train, being bold and rough. It’s almost like all manliness had been gathered by the Bordellos and melted in this track for preservation purposes. The vocals are just as gritty and manly, sharp like a razor parading around in the new whole world AND no safe space will be safe for him! This is menism at its most bold, male hormones are all over this & you know what? It is utterly sexy!

But these The Bordellos are showcasing their compatibility of the two sides of the story. The sincerity and pure one of emotion and honesty as well as the side of being the raw bolster ready to drink a pint with friends and opening beer bottles with what’s left of their teeth. In any case I find that they make themselves sound quite appealing. They have the capability to be kind and gentle and crush an possible attacker at the same time. Autumn Grey’ hooks on to the sentimental side of the story and it’s pretty sweet.

The last track on this version of the underground tape sounds a bit like a equal combination of the two sides. Tough and sharply on the edge, yet you know that if The Bordellos would go and attack, it would because of love. Its like the two puzzle pieces work together and I think it’s like the song you would like to hear from a bold protector and sweet gentlemen at the same time. The end even reveals the humor of them, epically topping this release off as a showcase in which the band is showcased as the most appealing manly band, a group who are equally at home for love and gentleness as ready for a fight and as drinking with palls cheering on a football match! It doesn’t come more appealing than this:

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