РВЁМ ТАНЦПОЛ – I Dont Give A Fuck

Title: I Dont Give A Fuck
Keywords: House, Techno, Bass, Rave, Chillstep, Post-Witch
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Time for some 8bit middle finger rave material and РВЁМ ТАНЦПОЛ is the artist to bring it! First it comes in a slow piss taking way as it shows all disbelievers the door. When all the haters are gone and out of the way РВЁМ ТАНЦПОЛ provides the stayers and believers melodic bleeps and dancing beats to make the floor shiny and the scene positively outlined. A nice mix of intelligent enjoyment that might bring back some forgotten strength; use it at your own will.

The ‘Ghost Rider’ tune will be more to the point, qualifies for radio play on modern day doomsday radio stations, the ones that would like to provide the masses with electronic melodic content as their lives gets destroyed in order to become ghost riders themselves. It is dark and yet digestible thing to hear, probably just as easily at home catering the whole generation of sensitive souls as well as the eighties drama goths with excessive mascara.

The shorty ‘I’m Bvck’ also feels like it would appeal to a larger public. Armed with snarky beats and snarly synths a proud sounding gangsta rap rolls out with the toughest sounding lyrics on this release. It will probably boost the spirit of being a bit harder and bigger towards the outside world.

After this it might be the moment that anyone interested in this release would have been waiting for: I Don’t Give A Fuck.
A house track that is cold and cool & even the whole ‘don’t giving a fuck vibe’ is pretty much relatable. Who doesn’t like to just go out and provide some rhythmic rave material that stands like a house from pure boldness? High hats, pumping kicks and repetition to die for! The rave track also has a nice experimental synth part flying over, sounding like high flying birds who look down to the humans and instruct their behinds to drop some lucky poop on them.

The last track, not unsurprisingly findable all the way at the end is ‘gravel’ and somehow it puts the soul upfront with the appearance of a great sounding male voice that goes through skin and bones, hits all the right emotional notes to be felt inside and out. Thick bass, hand played guitar bits in a super synthesized thickness with rolling cool drums; its haunting in a great danceable way! You can get this free downloadable release from the following link:

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