Fatal Erection – Worms In The House

Artist: Fatal Erection
Title: Worms In The House
Keywords: experimental cybergrind dark ambient drone harsh noise industrial noise noisecore plunderphonics sound collage vaporwave Mount Baldy
label: School Water Fountain

Fatal Erection has invited you to check out its Worms In The House and for house worms they are sounding quite fanatic. They come in many variations and they might probably surprise you or at least take you by surprise. These little rascals might come at you in all their innocence, sing in your ear their delirious little worm words while chopping away at your pulse of life.

Sometimes they sound like very angry chipmunks who are high on voltage, probably from chewing plugged in electric wires. Sometimes you can hear it in aggressive speedy loudness and at other times you can hear these house worms sounding actually more like actual worms, crawling with hissy hiss in the ears probably in search for a brain to eat out.

They will have no problem chewing away some brain cells and these kind of things have curious glitchy side effects; rhythmic noise assaults in combo with sensible softness, brain blackouts, loss of hearing & pain from extreme penetrating loudness; these house worms are not here to make you feel at home; they are there to munch you up until they have turned your leftover carcass as their new home. Home improvement is what they call it! Let them in and experience their takeover by clicking play at the following kinky link:

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