Peter Bramley & Furchick – I’ve got a gate

Artists: Peter Bramley & Furchick
Title: I’ve got a gate
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

You might or might not have noticed, but YIKIS is doing it on a slower ride at the moment. Reviewer Alex is on a crusade with found love and good causes, Johan is preparing for the upcoming floppy festival, others are stuck in traffic or so extremely buried by the enormous amount of requests that they had began drinking heavily in order to cope with it all. I’m still sober as a saint, but working on a new and exciting project which you will probably read a lot about in between the lines of future YIKIS updates. It’s no secret that we are a biased propaganda machine, right?

Now that we have had a large part of the ego talk nonsense out of the way, I thought it would be a great idea to spend some time talking about Gates. I would not mention Bill Gates, but somehow his name pops up automatically when my mind thinks of Gates. I’m sure people do have gates to keep people like Bill Gates out, and others would like to have gates to keep Gates inside. Or those fords and castles who would lock the gates for their approaching enemies; they protect but at the same time keep the ford and castle people from going anywhere. That’s the magic of gates; they work both ways. Keeping things out and keeping things in & if you have a key or simply the knowledge to open and close such a gate you are basically in control of both worlds. It’s also confusing sometimes, like if you go to a zoo; which side of the gates are you on?

Anyway, here is a fun track that is food for thought; gates-thoughts to be precise!

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One Response to Peter Bramley & Furchick – I’ve got a gate

  1. Linda says:

    It’s ok if the pace is a bit down. Maybe I can keep up this time. Maybe even catch up. What do I hear, wishful thinking?

    Looking forward to the project!

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