Various Artists – POSEV II

artists: Various
title: POSEV II
keywords: electronic leftfield noise post-industiral power electronics raw techno siberia techno Barnaul
label: POSEV

Good day dear internet browsing super star, welcome at another lengthy write up. This time it’s a compilation of a Siberian collective that do what they like whether you like it or not. But don’t be fooled by their statement, their music isn’t totally random like polka folk jazz electro doobi woop, but it’s all pretty much electronic stuff with pulsing beats and baselines…

This lush audio collection of acid friendly material starts with the ‘Red Room’ and will end with ‘You Are Not At Home’ by a certain RIP Cyborg. You don’t need to know a hell of a lot about music to know that RIP Cyborg’s music must be good as the opening and ending are reserved spots on any compilation for only the best. The first track will have to impress to convince potential listeners to keep on listening & the last track to give them some kind of reward ‘a feel good’ thank you for their time. In any case RIP Cyborg’s two electronic trip-tracks are living up to these high expectations.

Tracks number 2, 3 and not all too surprising number 4 are occupied by the music done by Grey Infantry: A project who convincingly hooks us up into some kind of dark realm of psychoactive sinister upbeat dance music. Grey Infantry is sounding like it would be just as at home at some Goa outdoor rave event with people embracing nature and shitloads of LSD in order to shape their bodies in odd forms for ground breaking records in time. The tunes have smirking base-kicks, high high-hats and snarling synthesizers to take you away into a dark realm in which stroboscopes would be greatly appreciated & cybernetic sexy robots would be happily grooving around to hype you up in order to impress them. Underground Siberian rave material at its finest! The last track that Grey Infantry provides is ‘Dissolution’ and is less dark, goes for a more friendlier in between vibe as if it’s a polite final embracement and a goodbye at the same time; how nice!

The session gets overtaken by Suspiria who is also not going cheap on the groove and danceable electronics. Suspiria would give the thing a cold industrial feel, so cool and cold you could almost feel the air of Siberia in there. It’s good that the music makes an excellent reason to move around like some oiled up mechanical dance machine as to keep you warm and skip the possibility of freezing. Shaman dreams are also represented as a dark ritual of rhythmic material, something with deep synth strings that feel empowering in a way that it makes you feel like you are stomping around with an army of bad guys.

After the works of Suspiria there are two tracks by a certain Dragstar who would drag you straight over the edge that is the middle of this release. Main focus is programmed dragging drums and deep relative sound that create a trance like state of dance music. Somehow I’m thinking of meditating techno monks; if such monks existed they might love the music of Dragstar. While the track ‘Mind Alchemy’ seems to be perfect for mindful meditation with beats as the percussive algorithms to follow, the one named ‘Holiday In Dunwich’ is the one that drags me away the most. In fact it might be my personal favorite on this album, although I’m sure nobody would give a F about my taste; it’s just.. these rolling tight grooves in nice pushing loudness with enough programmed variation to keep the interest & the subtle underlying tones and sound makes it a nice head banger.

If your head is banging there will be no need for it to stop as the next producer ‘Otres’ is basically providing much more material to shake your booty for. It sounds a bit lighter than the other artists, more house orientated with a good vibe for a friendly party among friends. It even becomes funky, setting scenes for flexible aliens to twist and turn around the poles in the club and enjoy the good time music.

Last but not least there is ‘Oneiroids’ who only brings one track to this release, so you are guaranteed to have this artist gives it the best, shimmering nicely with electro fuzz, mysterious Exotic vibes that made me think of the stories from stories 1001 arabian nights… To make a unneeded long write up even longer, I’ll just add another sentence to tell you that this Syberian collective might please you with their collection of tunes at the following link:

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