Guns of the Seneca – Citizens of the Universe

Artist: Guns of the Seneca
Title: Citizens of the Universe
Keywords: experimental houma new orleans drug rock indieindie rock instrumental jam jazz math rock progressivepsychedelic rock surf Raceland

Guns of the Seneca’s Citizens of the Universe comes across like a title for a book, a lengthy poem or a mysterious saga. In this case it’s a music release honoring us ‘the citizens of the universe’ with some special kind of experimental drug rock. It’s just to give you an indication as I very much doubt that these tracks are made under a drug influence, they sound much more calculated and grammatically correct to be made by members from a spaced out band who aren’t aware of what they are doing or where they are. They come across as a band that not mistakingly setup their instruments in the local ice cream parlor thinking that it’s their recording studio… they do not play the guitar with their toes or attempt to drum on a flute; they are very much in control & know what they are doing!

You might even say that these band members are probably the brightest characters around, being able to solve and apply mathematical puzzles in order to create their own music style. But it’s not only about them being technically skilled, they also show that they aren’t stiff or boring; they take risks, move up to places you wouldn’t think they would fly you to. They use everything in their ability to create something nice and energizing. The vocal lead weeps in the middle of a strong hold of ever moving moving next level galaxy rock. The loudness of them banging the drums, strings and additional synth wizardry is deafening and strong, but will not turn into noise and proofs that heavy sound could be pretty much melodic. Heavy melodies! Isn’t it great! Yes, that is a surprising find within this release; loudness can be melodic… finding such knowledge makes me feel like an archeologist who dug for years at all the wrong places & now finally (out of the blue) stumbled upon some kind of discovery that would change the world…. if only someone would listen!

But what if all Citizens of the Universe would notice that this is an album made in their name? Would everyone unplug their ears and head over to these fanatically played mental melodies? I mean isn’t it flattering? It’s an album for all of us and admittedly it’s full of energy and ideas. Some things even get a bit more chill or poppy; good vibes that would probably be enjoyed by earthlings and aliens alike. The kind of stuff that puts away all our differences and makes the universal citizens come together as one. Let’s all mass tune into this album at the following link:

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