Linda, Linda, Linda. 

Linda, Linda, Linda.
This is all about the lovely Linda. The beauty of her eyes, the magic of her ears and the goodness of her soul!
I believe to have posted about Linda before, but with a brain freeze and outmost respect for Linda we just shit-post some more Linda, Linda, Linda.

Words are never enough for Linda, so let us have the wonderful Tee-Set sing a legendary Linda song: (just to get into the Linda mood!)

Wasn’t that fantastic?
(Insert bitter silence)

Our head of comment Linda (she is our main commenter, having obtained the green card to roam in the comment section carelessly and free) might be hitting our random post link (on the right people, it’s on the right of the screen..) like a gambler playing with the joystick from a slot machine. We know from a good source that our Linda likes dreaming of being able to apply the random function to everyday normal life situations… but why? As Linda is already so many random things!

Sure it would be fun to hit a real life random super button and suddenly be a prince, or a mobster, pope, fraudster, mother, Santa Claus, handy person, dinosaur, homeless beggar, billionaire, nurse, some kind of animal, house keeper, comedian, head of comment, carpenter, director, cashier at the local super market etc… but if your name is Linda, you are already so many random things at once; you don’t even need to change the way people announce your name…

Maybe for Lindas only there should be a random Linda link to click, one that makes Linda experience the different Lindas. As I’m not technically equipped to actually create this random Linda Link, we just have to pretend a bit… but it’s (sorry people not being named Linda!) Lindas only!

Hello Linda, let’s look at you. You are a person with a female given name, of German origin, but widespread in the English-speaking world. Forget all this and let’s go see what you are more today?
Let’s click the non existing magical random Linda Link..

****Linda Random Linda Link****

Oh Linda, the random Linda link has changed you… not into a human being but into a song named ‘Linda’ and it’s being performed by Rema & Chris Evans from Uganda! Isn’t it exciting?

According to the urban legends:
Linda means cute girl in Spanish or Italian.
So there you have it, from just a Linda into a cute Spanish / Italian girl that is cute; such a miracle. I think we need to gather all Lindas (from all genders) and get together for some Linda-friendly dancing on Linda-friendly music:

Ah, that was so nice… let’s hit that random Linda link again and see what happens…

*****Linda Random Linda Link*****

Whoops, suddenly you are Linda! Linda as in the stage name for Svetlana Lvovna Geiman, a Russian singer. Married to the Greek composer named Stefanos Korkolis; that must be the most awesome surname ever! So stage name Linda, can you show us your living situation, yourself & music?

…wow Linda, that’s a really nice place that you are having there! It must be pretty excited to be Linda. If you are Linda you basically don’t need to be anything else. You want a new haircut? Let’s hit that random Linda Link and see if that would make your Linda wish come true!

*****Linda Random Linda Link*****

Holy mowly! You are not only a Linda with long blond hair… open your mouth and discover that you have an amazing voice as well!

Oh Linda, oh Linda isn’t it a true Linda world out there. Linda might even be a khmer music genre… I’m not sure, it just might be. No wonder that there have been so many serenading artists doing Linda songs. Like these Nilsen Brothers, they for sure know how to sing their praises for the Linda phenomenon.

Nah I think that’s it’s time to go back and be your own Linda again. Not only because non Lindas are obviously reading along being not only very confused and feeling left out; being your own Linda is pretty much the best Linda. We can only sneak out and end this Linda Linda Linda post fittingly with… Adam Sandler’s highlight of his career:

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2 Responses to Linda, Linda, Linda. 

  1. Linda says:

    ~Ha, you outdid yourself, such a nice composition of Linda video’s!! I feel so super Linda Linda now 😀

    I liked dancing with everybody the bestest! ❤

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