Quimper – Retrieval

Artist : Quimper
Record : Retrieval
Label : Self Release
Release date : Jan 2017
Link : https://quimper.bandcamp.com/album/retrieval
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Sat here at my desk in ye merry ole England, trying to accomplish some work and attempt to keep warm in Baltic conditions, I feverously decide that I need to hear some few sounds and fitting to the current climate and mood. Not an easy task, and then I fumble upon this rather strange and delightful piece by the UK artist ‘Quimper’

If a piece of music could sum up the cold, grey but not at all unpleasant weather (us Brits love weather) and simultaneously mimic, in sound my current state of mind then this album is it. Retrieval is a recording of seven beautifully crafted, composed and played instrumental tracks. Magical, whimsical, fantasy music, at times almost hallucinogenic in it’s utopian qualities. Occasionally dark and always strange. It’s sonic atmosphere in seven acts.

If floating on and amongst the clouds, invisible to the prying eyes of civilisation, slowly climbing higher until you find that special thing you were looking for, a feeling or emotion, a memory even, rather than a specific object then the first track ‘Boundry’ is exactly that.

If drops of water on a humid day, falling from the clouds and landing on cold stone could make a musical tone other than a splash then the droplet would surely have composed ‘Spiegel’ the second, and rather odd little ditty.

Sorenson is the third track and is composed and produced in a way that could easily add lyrics to it, but why on earth would you want to spoil something so quaintly odd, innocent and ultimately sinister in it’s instrumentation with something as predictable and obvious as lyrics, when one has their imagination for that.

Hallucinating insect, in the woods, having the time their life.. probably chatting to Mr and Mrs squirrel and having a ride on the back of a frog, in a pond like some crazy animal rodeo party. That is what I can only describe the fourth track ‘Waterloo Shoulder’

The album’s namesake is up next. A simply played and played well piece, with haunting echo effects of the backing synth strings shooting from the left speaker to the right, like a pendulum of sound, slowly getting you ready for the darkness of the penultimate track..

Lovely Lightning is the darkest track on the album. Has a slight 90’s Depeche Mode vibe to it, which is no bad thing as they kicked arse in the 90’s. The distorted guitar riff, repeating over and over with a menace that you weren’t really expecting from what has come previously on this record but also it’s a very welcome change of mood.

Last but by no means least, we have the aptly titles ‘Everything is fine’ as short instrumental track with a minimal, glassy sounding piano track and spooky, echoing drone, played and produced to the same high standard that has been the revere throughout. It really is like you have just come round from a most marvelous trip.

Listen and download this short album, especially whilst it’s still winter and let it take you on a sonic, fairytale trip of a lifetime.

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