Deftechnixks – Made Way

Artist: Deftechnixks
Title: Made Way
Keywords: rock chance rock conceptual rock experimental rock jan strach lo-fi noise rock poland polish poznańunderpolen Poznań

Randomness is the source of happiness, it wakes a person up, adds a nice surprise after surprise and goes terribly well with delicate wonkiness. Jan Strach’s Deftechnixks is the golden example that proofs that randomness and wonkiness are the ultimate combo for fun and imagination triggering ideas, but also that it doesn’t mean it needs to be sounding like a incoherent mess.

Somehow Deftechnixks’s fun loving attitude of whatever goes and comes is the right one, strangely making these random music happenings into ‘somethings’ that do actually look and sound like descent songs, tunes and tracks. It’s like a masterful deceiver, making them sound as if they could be cookie pop rock materials to pop up on the popular surface of accepted music norms, yet they are clearly too intelligent, all over the place, anti-pop ear candies!

I would love to hear them on a radio, solidly programmed in, confusing listeners as they listen, making them fall down from their chairs upon discovering that this isn’t exactly like it sounds like; this is more experimental, innovative, crazy fun and lovingly weird than anyone could possibly imagine. Deftechnixks would hit on rocky bits, cuckoo sounds, all over the place rhythm things, singing and just one big blast of things that shouldn’t make sense yet they seem so sensible. The work of someone who had thrown every rule into the toilet, flushed the damn thing and started with a clean mind full of innovative music freedoms. I don’t know about you , but I think it’s surprise-surprise; surprisingly good!

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