Vincent van Hogh – Thrift Store Vinyl Hotshot (Side A)

Artist: Vincent van Hogh
Title: Thrift Store Vinyl Hotshot (Side A
Keywords: 404sx electronic avant-garde beats cassette tapeexperimental future hip hop instrumental lo-fi vaporwavevinyl Windsor
Label: Museum of Skin

Time to cut not only one ear from your absinth tormented head, but both of them! Just make the left over holes in the skull a little wider and plug in a pair of alternative ear replacements from a much bigger size. Something like this (see picture below) might be perfect…

You might need to get rid of your human nose though for extra wearable comfort; but when all is in place you will be able to hear and smell like an intensive dinosaur who never forgets. A really good setup as with this release by Vincent van Hogh around you probably feel very good sniffing out the sentimental thrift store smells from all the gathered sampled classics & hear them with these extra large ears for registration beyond the normal human hearing range.

The size enlargement also helps with picking up every detail in a quick fashion as there might be 42 Vincent van Hogh tracks here, each one of them pass by before you could say Supercalafajalistickexpialadojus. Listening to it in style is not only benefiting the listening session, it is also a honoring Vincent van Hogh’s frantic madness in going for obvious hours of vinyl hunting and sampling. You can just hear the tremendous amount of time Hogh had spend selecting records and choosing quality sound bits for your (and his?) entertainment. Now is the chance to support an artist when he is still alive & a opportunity to obtain quality bits without
Having to go through thrift shops yourself! Get your ears and nose enlargements on and get it before it’s worth millions!

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