Eva Geist – Äquator System

artist: Eva Geist
Title: Äquator System
Keywords: electronic, Berlin

If you are into good electronic vibes that are very much the opposite of stiff & sounding very much vibrant and alive; you will probably love Äquator System
by Eva Geist. These fun loving sounds will take anyone away with their colorful easy to follow rhythms and the positive melodies who feel like they are created on the spot by the artist in some trance state are 100% speaking to one’s soul.

It’s just so easy to hear that Eva Geist was completely into it upon creation, creating that improvisational feel of magic that is like a recognizable joy from one soul to another. The gift of giving and the gift of receiving and responding; I’m responding right now in appreciative textual words but you should see your own face in the mirror when listening to this; wrinkles disappear as the music makes you ten years younger from pure joy.

What does a person need more than music that is made by a real human with a heart and soul, channeling mellow melodies, showcasing a great taste in electronic sounds and know how how to keep things light and enjoyable. Beauty erupts just from within this music and flowers up in the body of any well willing receiver. Can you discover the elephant in there and tell me that it won’t affect your mood by turning it into one of happiness?

Those lush electronic bass sounds, these melodies that speak for themselves, the rhythms that will take you away to experience the ‘Äquator system’ are simply a blessing for one’s health and mental stability. It’s so good to know that there are still music makers out there who can embroider their soul into their music, proofing that playful electronics isn’t textbook cold or made by lifeless robots; come and feel the love and enjoy the benefits of these fun moving sounds!

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