Molotov Coffee – Bring Your Friends

Artist: Molotov Coffee
Title: Bring Your Friends
Keywords: experimental ambient avant-garde industrialmidwest noise Leavenworth
Label: Big Pharma Records

Friends, we have some Molotov Coffee for you… of course it’s bloody potent and strong, every sip of the massive coffee pot (screw cups!) is like setting yourself on fire, swallowing hot peppers and having an angry person cut your tongue with the nasty corners of paper. If you sip it you can experience the souls of previous Molotov cocktail sippers shouting for help in some delirious realm in which the coffee had trapped them in. It’s as if they didn’t know they had been drinking Molotov cocktails and had suddenly taken by surprise from the explosive deadly content. They don’t know that they had died inside & attempting to tell them seems to be impossible; they simply shout so much in combo of pain and shock. It’s just not for everyone those molotov coffees!

It’s for those who have bodies and ears made out of steel, blistering hard and very effective. Just a teaspoon would be enough to make a dull person jump up and hang themselves upside down from the ceiling like some freaked out paranoid Spider-Man character. Just one drop of this Molotov Coffee would melt the throat, liver, intestines and stomach away; it all happens so quick that you won’t even noticed what is happening, unless of-course you are aware that you are going for a Molotov Coffee… when you are aware you can build up your stamina, go into some meditation state and prepare your inner and outer body parts for the strongest liquid coffee assault that might otherwise be just as deadly as a lethal injection or an session with the electric chair…

So that’s why dear friends, I warn you and inform you at the same time of this album that is basically all one big dose of Molotov coffee. You don’t need to thank me; this is where friends are for! So use this wisely, like when you are mentally prepared for an ass whooping or simply because normal coffee simply won’t do anything for you anymore & you don’t want to turn to illegal substances.. but also if you have frenemies; feel free to serve them the Molotov Coffee and see them magically disappear. Quick, efficient and probably very effective. Bring your toughest friends or your enemies and drink right up:

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