The Steering Wheel – Number One In Somewhere (official video)

Artist: The Steering Wheel
Title: ‪Number One In Somewhere (official video)‬
‪Keywords: ‬alternative rock indie indie rock post-punkYekaterinburg, video
Reviewer: Simon Hit

The Steering Wheel’s ‘Number One Somewhere’ is the first track from the Your F#cking Dream EP and comes with its own video. It is nicely done in black and white which helps to set the mood of somber middle finger material. The song and visuals are pretty heavy, making me think of a person who is sick of the world and its idiotic inhabitants, their opinions and their dreams…. to hell with them! They are right, let’s snuggle up in our own cave, make the colored room black and white by wearing sunglasses and shut the door for those opinionated twats…

The scenes of the singing individual playing a guitar in a laid-back, almost depressed kind of way is dripping heavily from the screen like a stone in someone’s stomach; it’s so moody and yet so relatable. There is also a power to it, as if they just have closed the door and simply don’t give a damn anymore, as if The Steering Wheel simply steered away from all the social happenings just in order to sit undisturbed in it’s own bubble of talented darkness. If the wobbling moving feet of the sun glasses wearing individual depicted in the video are a trustworthy witness, it’s clear that The Steering Wheel is happy and content doing its own thing from the comfort of the sofa.

To make sure no outside disturbances pop in we can see an evil noise-filled tv being sawed upon; it creates a lot of suspense; unfortunately we aren’t treated with a showcase of an exploding television screen, but I guess this happens off camera with The Steering Wheel looking unmoved as the thing burns down. Another source for outside propaganda ‘the newspaper’ is also eliminated as it goes up in flames and when it goes it seems not missed or cared for… The Steering Wheel takes back its own life, get rid of the disturbances and plays their own music to back it up: a great example for all of us!

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