Yullippe – BALLE

Artist: Yullippe
Title: BALLE
Keywords: electronic japan industrial new wave noise ambienttechno Japan

Yullippe’s BALLE strikes back with deep and dirty strokes of electronic darkness and powerful angelic vocals. With a steady rhythm the soundtrack that sounds to me as the music to hear before the arrival of the apocalypse is pushing itself in, comforting and thrilling our final hour with rhythmic trip material that will take us away into a soothed liberated state. The amazing voice sings in tones that stimulates the arrival of goosebumps, some magical hands elevate you to a higher state of consciousness in order to safe you when the planet goes up in flames.

In this state Yullippe will bring all the lovely surviving souls of her listeners together and create an angelic dancing atmosphere so we al could dance together in peace and harmony on trippy specialness. It’s as if the artist had saved us, brought us to a safety zone in a by her designed heaven and we could all forget our earthly problems by just giving in to the urge of body movement. Ballet dancing in some kind of spiritual blessing style is what this place seems to be about.

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