EUH! (Wayne Rex / KEK-W) – Senior Diners Club, Course 5

Artist: EUH! (Wayne Rex / KEK-W)
Title: Senior Diners Club, Course 5
Keywords: experimental jazz free jazz improvised music jazznew jazz oap somerset west country dorset electroelectronica free improv hard jazz psychedelic sherborneyeovil Sherborne

Imagine us seniors all seated together in the Senior Diners Club, put there involuntary by straightforward hard working nurses who wanted to go for a smoking break without us disturbing them, having arranged EUH! for music entertainment so they could be free from us asking for favors and stories of the outside life beyond the senior center… does it work?

Oh yes, it certainly does! Our senior fake teeth might even fall out from being so mesmerized by Wayne Rex and KEK-W their entertaining session. You could barely hear any senior breathing and somehow even the asthmatic patients are all silent! The always talkative gossip ladies from table five are also holding their lips closed; this miracle on its own is already enough to give praises to EUH!

The duo simply brings this improvisational rhythmic escape that hints to the good jazz times mixed with experimental avant-garde. The sounds played are sounding far from traditional, yet they sound so captivating and intriguing as if we seniors heard such things back in the good old days & are now relieving our scruffy memories thanks to this performance.
Some sounds tickle, other tockle wobble & slide but the drums are always there to give the energetic pulse to steal every senior’s attention.

In fact these nurses might be the stupid ones over here, standing outside inhaling frantically from their cigarettes for a boost of nicotine; it’s not only not the healthiest thing to do, they are also missing out big time! This is definitely not just music that appeals to seniors, it clearly would appeal to senior staff and people from all ages really. It probably would give them a better break than anything else, the only saddened thing is that it’s just a bit longer than 10 minutes. Long enough for a cigarette and a coffee, but I would think that if this kind of performance was an hour long it would be the ultimate senior happening of the day! No matter what your age is, give yourself a break by listening to EUH! at the following link:
<a senior at the mental ward>

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