CARES – Who Else Are You

Artist: CARES
Title: Who Else Are You
Keywords: experimental drone experimental electronicindustrial noise Toronto
Label: Collusion Records

At first I had trouble playing it, not because I was attempting to perform my review as a ‘musical play’ but Bandcamp had seemingly some startup difficulties. I left the attempt for what it was and forgot about it until my ears suddenly got reached by a slow bonking distorted kick and thick alarm sounding hovering sounds. At first I thought that a brand new world war had started and these had been panicky sounds of warning and bolstering army groups rolling in. Than the sounds became too dark and weird that it couldn’t be really an alarm system or the sound of an human army… making me stare at the sky in search for football field sized alien ships doing an invasion… after multiple panic attacks and checking out the entire sky with binoculars I came back to the computer to see if there was any news like ‘mysterious sounds coming from god knows where’ … and there it was upon opening; the music on the Bandcamp page had started to play and it was all basically panic for nothing. It was a good fright, I tell you!

So this was ‘CARES’ with the release named ‘Who Else Are You’, which of course begs for a word play of saying ‘Who Cares?’. But considering that this music triggered my panic invasion mode, it is fair to say that this album shouldn’t be underestimated. Now that I knew it was CARES I became slightly paranoid as to who this was, as music wise it feels very out of earth… but sitting down and being slowly calmed from the bombastic opening scene the music flowered up like a kind alien flower. Seriously, pretty melodies flourished up along with sweet strange drone that sounded unlike any other. If the music by CARES is created by a human it must be done by someone who takes original sound design very seriously.

It was here that my eyes wandered in wonder along the page to seek some information as who was responsible for this music. You can find it yourself, but just in case you couldn’t I would copy in paste my findings right here:

“Written, recorded and produced by James Beardmore. Mastered by James Plotkin. Art direction by Brian Random”

James & James are apparently the answer as to how things sound the way they sound, but James Beardmore is clearly the main genius behind it music wise. He must have a very special mind and set of ears as these tracks sound very one of a kind to me. CARES brings original industrial noises, warm heavenly sounds, alienating soundscapes, devotional vocals, heart beatings, eccentric dark moods with kinder ones, and slips in melodic touches in such a special way together that it somehow plays magic with the time. The tracks (no matter how long they are) all pass the venue like they are seconds long; never a second of boring and not even an inch that a listener could skip; it’s such an nice surprise of well made electronic originality.

When the album reached its main title track ‘Who Else Are You’ more overwhelming praise and love for CARES would become apparent in any true listener; it’s such an overwhelming hidden gem, a true beauty that comes with a special grand sounding grotesque humbleness of thick layers of impressive alien horns & the devotional beautiful alien voice of the future. I can’t lie; I’m so taken in by surprise and so impressed by this album’s unique sound design and how it all is coming together; if this was indeed an alien invasion I would loved the world to be invaded by an album like this. It’s absolutely original, exciting, impressive, dangerous, beautiful and stunning! Absolutely recommend you to click the following link and check it out:


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One Response to CARES – Who Else Are You

  1. linda says:

    Love it! Very diverse and imho not scary at all ;D pleasant noises

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