Ritmo do Mar – Seis Exercícios de Ritmo (Hesitação)

Artist: Ritmo do Mar
Title: Seis Exercícios de Ritmo (Hesitação)
Keywords: electronic experimental beach cassette field recordings portugal summer Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard
reviewer: Vakantieman

This is the music for a textbook vacation of laid back happiness in the sun. You know, sitting all chilled out with a straw hat on your head on a sunny beach, preferable hanging on to a beach bar with a friendly bartender who keeps filing up your glass with mystery liquid. As long as no bill is presented; all is good!

Because it’s a perfect vacation your body is also showable, hanging out in your swimwear so your skin can exhale the toxic alcohol easier & if you have enough of the sitting or doing nothing but baking yourself horizontally; you could make a jolly sprint into the nearby sea that is pleasantly warm and (as it’s a perfect vacation) has no stingy jelly fish family awaiting your arrival.

This is the music for such a vacation, everything is light, bright; all the horrible real life news from over the whole world has been banned from the holiday resort, making sure nothing can disturb the good sunny life. Everyone else is also up your league; tapping friendly jokes, giving you free snacks or other mystery liquids and laugh with you from under their own straw hats; such a good life!

This is the music that teleports one’s head into such a perfect vacation & apparently it doesn’t cost you anything. No need to pack your bags or train to fit into your swimsuit; you just play this, close your eyes and give into your imagination that will tele-transport your mind into this perfect vacation-situation…

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One Response to Ritmo do Mar – Seis Exercícios de Ritmo (Hesitação)

  1. linda says:

    Brief vacations should be experienced frequently! If possible, long vacations as well. 😀

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