Urban Arts Berlin – Pink Waves – female focused sounds

Artists: various
Title: Urban Arts Berlin – Pink Waves – female focused sounds
Keywords: experimental pinkwavesmusicfestivalberlinurbanartsberlin ambient electroacoustic industrial noiseritual Berlin

Pink Waves are exciting waves, ones that bring your ears the sounds of real life experimental performances performed at a female focused music festival. The first session is done by JD Zazie and is one that crispers nicely with mechanically comfortable cracklings of warm abstract materials. As I’m a cheap listener I have only heard a snippet from the performance, but it is the right captured moment to get a great idea of what the session would consist off. To me it came across as hearing a fascinating ‘never discovered before’ special flying insect doing its thing on a pleasant summer’s day.

Also the second recording by SORÖK will make your ears wanting to hear more pink waves. This mix of mysterious music is like a strange story, something that blends futurism and history together with Arabian elements that fits the style of a fairytale queen. The use of a intoxicating hunting vocal is absolutely intriguing and the French tints in pronunciation gives it even a more magical feel. The whole soundscape comes across as vast and limitless with a pretty opening in between full of loveliness that will end in a imaginative rhythmic ride of organic electronics. The whole vibe seems to be inspired and related to nature, it sounds fresh and makes a listener feel good. When you hear a choir of crickets you know we have reached a pleasant and safe destination.

N01R is also responsible for a good time moment on this pink wave collection. N01R brings a authentic bubbling electronica track to flex and expand your dancing muscles with. The sound is very cool, providing a fitting mood to wear sunglasses at night for. The baseline and exhalation of synth blows is sinister, tough and somehow come across as sportive. This will get the club pumping or is good material to hear on your ears when doing exercises.

This is followed up with a mix by SEA PRIESTESS who at first skips away from the electronic sounds and brings wild sounding gruesome guitars, creating a must darker pink wave that snipes away the mood by a poisonous takeover. A deadly sounding vocal flows through the melodic menacing rock soundscape keeping the mix together. When the first part is done a more shakier groovy part pops in, feeling heavy yet danceable with hypnotic elements. After that it’s more gritty music with a snarling vocal that goes through meat and bones, drums banging, crushing and guitars so raw that they sound as if they are played while being on fire. The mix ends with a danceable noise part that gets more and more gruesome, creating a highlight of pink wave that will probably leave a long lasting impression.



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