Ivan Čkonjević – Nutrine

Artist : Ivan Čkonjević
Release : Nutrine
Label : Labud KUP
Release date : Jan 2017
keywords: classical free improvisation recordings snimci Belgrade
Link : https://labudkup.bandcamp.com/releases
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Where to begin with this strange and eerie two track recording? Like it’s
confectionary namesake, it’s chewy and long lasting. Tasty and Moorish but
will eventually fuck your teeth up.. This won’t (probably) fuck your teeth
up but prolonged listens to these two atmospheric, soundscapes could well
indeed fuck your mind up. I for one like that, as it’s the added bonus you
just don’t get in mainstream, corporate guided, vanilla music. Well, that
kind of music does mess with your mind but in a way where it dumbs you down
to a level that is on par with reality TV celebs, daily mail readers and
trump. Anyway, I digress, on with the review.

The 1st track is a slow building musical landscape, conjuring up a bleak
and hopeless vision of loneliness and isolation from the world around you.
To me it feels like a soundscape metaphor for that time in your life where
everything has hit a dark rock bottom and you have become isolated from
everyone around you and struggling to escape and move on. Some may read
this and think that this is a negative comment but I have to disagree.
Firstly because to actually produce a piece of music that represents so
eloquently your darkest thoughts and fears is no mean feat and secondly
because Ivan has accomplished this is a technically brilliant way. An
improvised recording that is utterly majestic in it’s composition, with
absolutely nothing put in for show or to show off. A piece of art that is
so much more than music or even sound.

Track II is another ambient piece of supremely crafted noise and
atmosphere. With reverb echoing and ricocheting through your ears and
bouncing all the way down your body and up again, like it’s frantically
looking for an escape but just slowly fades until the next one. I really
like the room noises that are occasionally heard in the background.
They really gives a sense of creation and connection with the artist. This
is more of a haunting track than the first. Maybe it’s the inner screams
that are coming out after the bleakness of track I? The healing process, if
you will? Or maybe I am just looking to deeply into it?

Who knows? What I do know is that this double track recording is much more
than music or sound. It’s has a life of it’s own. A being, if you will? It
encompassed my mind for nearly an hour and I think it will encompass yours
too. Enjoy!!

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