Overthruster – Revursals

Artist: Overthruster
Title: Revursals
Keywords: lobit, breaks, experimental, electronic
Label: 20kbps
Reviewer: Leo Obit

If there is anything you can’t overthrust it must be classic lobit heroes and their classy classics. Overthruster’s revursals is such a classic, showing the man’s skills to drumming, destroying, freaking and melodic cheekiness and oppression of the same melodic cheekiness at the same time. It’s a bit of a struggle, a conflict at times but with Overthruster you know that the beats are always the winners and even when he sneaks in a break; it will be full of drums too.

But it’s mostly the underground raw energy that makes Overthruster’s releases always to be trusted. With the tons of free EP’s and netreleases Overthruster has captured the right fanatic breaks to feel slightly on edge, fall into a manic trap of a wild race in which everything is blurry and nicely fuzzy. ‘Revursals’ is extra nice because of it containing the life changing message of a track ‘every1 dies’ which is sounding strangely comforting to me. Somehow it even has a nicer impact as the fact of ‘everyone poops’.

To celebrate Overthruster ends this release with the mind altering acid-friendly techstepwillywonkacoolfreakery that is ‘giga-pumps’. It hits all the nice and nasty corners, bubbling up the right hooks and edges, something so cool and trustworthy that it will make even the toothless smile.

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One Response to Overthruster – Revursals

  1. Linda says:

    Diz shit gets me active! Good start of he week! Grittier than tea, more gentle than coffee, but a good combination with either. It’s like a pepper-spiced chocolate to go with the coffee.
    Hmmm, it melts in my brain, just between the ears.

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