Title: I
Keywords: experimental abstract ambient drone field recording musique concrete noise Augsburg
Label: Attenuation Circuit

Listening to the waves of ‘lowercase’ on this release by PHONOGRAPHIA is like a calm day without a breeze, storm or a wind in sight. The waves are staying calm, making it difficult to go for some surfing action, yet pleasant enough for if you’d rather go for a weird swim in sound, without the possibility of drowning within it. The tones are so nicely dense and yet so stable and flat that it might be the most easiest surface to dive in and feel pleasantly relieved by its stability.

With ‘Ligature’ it feels more as if the project projects our ears in a much dryer environment. I imagine some secret corner in a hut, something with lovely sand on the floor and sounds made by a newly invented pvc pipe-instrument. It’s nice and comforting to hear, making it sound as if someone is there takin an eye out for us while not showing off with a huge musical spectrum of pompous melodies and sounds; it’s keeping it easy and simple, working out better than any overproduced ambient work would be able to do.

The third section is ‘CalligRave’ which takes this previous pipe-like sound but molds it into a work of repetition. It might provoke memories of sawing off plastic pipes, but somehow with the help of special audio effects it becomes a alternative danceable rave track that doesn’t need beats to be danced upon. Think of it as if Robin Crusoe had build a party by itself on the abandoned island that he had stranded on… with limited things to work with & a bit of imagination great things could be achieved!

The last track is UPPERCASE which sounds more sophisticated, bringing the beauty of the earlier still sound waves with the minimal pipe racing bits. Nicely blended together with the right audio effects the track becomes a very pleasant one to chill and dance on; it’s just up to the listener what you are into. The repetition in this work is speedy & steady; just fantasize a beat in there and you’ll be banging your head in no time. Skipping the emotion of dancing and you could just sit still and let the ambience music take you to a new level of a trancelike experience. In both cases it’s a great example that with experimental music you can really add your own imagination to it; creating a nice interaction between artist and the listener. Mind altering substances might help!

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