Pollux – Null

Artist: Pollux
Title: Null
Keywords: Pollux, ambient, experimental, 8ravens, 8 kbps, low-bit
Label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

Pollux is the one artist who has a heart of gold and honesty. He is doing so many good things in all facets of life, yet you can hear him at his purest when he expresses himself in music. The latest release of his on the wonderful netlabel 8Ravens is very much proof of his capability to express his reality into sensible music. With ‘Null’ he plays a loving melodic jam that sound so sensible and full of kindness, it’s him at his most fragile and honest, making everyone in need for a hug or a beautiful moment of music melt in his melodies of pure sincerity.

To make this even more special is that it is played out in such a pretty sounding sound, warm and cozy; giving a very one-on-one feel and vibe. It’s such a nice and pleasant personal piece that it feels like it’s much more than music; it’s an extension of the artist himself, opening up and showing a strong comfort that he can bring to anyone who cares and truly listens. It’s absolutely wonderful and there aren’t enough hairs on my head to express how much this music means to me in this age of absurd uncomfortable realities; Pollux always stays real and is always there to carry you within his heart filled with the good side of humanity.

Null 2 (yes, there are two!) is a more humbling experience, clearly Pollux honoring and respecting the sounds and the space in between them; it creates a beautiful deep moment to take a breath, to inhale and exhale while calming down on these brassy slowly paced sounds, perfectly bringing peace and harmony to the ears in a way that nobody and nothing else could have done. The timing of these humbling sounds are like guides towards a pretty dreamland; you will feel completely relaxed, humbled down and at ease when both Nulls have done their magic. I don’t know if it is healthy to fall in love with a free downloadable release, but I’m not ashamed to say that I love ‘Null’ by the incredible Pollux. You should check it out and rinse your heart and mind with this work of pure love:

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One Response to Pollux – Null

  1. Linda says:

    This is the water that goes with the espresso and pepper-spiced chocolate. So calming, refreshing. ❤

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