TimecodE – TransRaser

Artist: TimecodE
Title: TransRaser
Keywords: trance-aggression, industrial, electroindustrial, psychedelic, breakbeat, lobit
label: Great Hedgehogs Netlabel http://ghrecords.clan.su/
Reviewer: Leo Obit

TimecodE goes for that fine quick line of fun and electric energy. It gets quickly injected in the shortest of shorties on this respectful “TransRaser” release. Tracks named like ‘scatter’ & ‘scatter remixed’ + ‘randomaize’ are hitting that speedy electric mood nicely, rocking out and away before you can’t really acknowledge what is going on. It has this quick vibe, as if everything ha; been done in a rush; a ready made soundtrack for those crucial moments that you have to run for a train that is about to close its doors without you being in it.

There are a few mellower tracks too, like the longest track ‘HL’ (a stunning 1 minute and 22 seconds!) that does its best to throw in some swinging rolling drums and singing synthesizer work. This one specifically feels as if a nasal alien had taken over a microphone, while correctly coordinating it’s many tentacles along the skins of a drum-kit. Others are less alien, but still they are too quick to get the fantasies popping and imagination triggered; leaving me as a listener a bit lost in time, wishing it could be stretched out a bit, just to be able to fetch the many things that we would probably be missing out on… maybe there is nothing to be missed out on, but you know; it’s hard to say!

On the other hand, the speedy run-time might be just perfect for those hasty moments in life… rushing the kids to school, running into a burning house to save the cats, stepping on the gas when a officer wants to write you a bill… anyway short or not; nobody should really complain as all this is available for free & its very legal to download too. Besides it’s probably also efficient to grab it from the internet in this short size. Even if you are connected through an old telephone connection it probably won’t take hours to get these seconds of TimecodE entertainment:

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One Response to TimecodE – TransRaser

  1. Linda says:

    Sure they’re short. But perfect for keeping on repeat!

    All these reviews appeared so sudden and the music pieces so nicely go together. It’s like being locked up in the candy store. Bye bye diet, little sweet catchy hush hush tunes are mine!

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