Vanessa Moses – Danish Cookies Is My Name

Artist: Vanessa Moses
Title: Danish Cookies Is My Name
Keywords: singer songwriter, pop, jazz, salsa, Latin, video, Danish Cookie
Label: Senate Records

This song deserves at least four Michelin stars, it’s so tasty and nice that one serving of it simply won’t be enough. Just hearing it makes the ears full of salsa cream, with precisely enough sugar and butter to make the water in your mouth come together for a bright dance. The texture of music is positive and has a nice swing to it; hearing it on repeat will not make you feel bloated. The voice comes across like a very pretty layer of yummy vanilla mixed with something spicy and piquant, it really blends well with the rest of the recipe for this delightfully tasty song.

Extra salt and flour is really not needed as this song is as perfect as it could be. It has a sunny glow over it, making every sound bite into a delight. To make it even more pleasant; it comes with a fun video in which everything is light and bright, with the apparent creator of this fun work using lots of eggs to probably create some real life edible Danish Cookies…

how sweet! Unfortunately at this moment in time the 3D printers aren’t advanced enough to print them out along with the song, (I imagine that being the future!) but the tune here is most satisfying on its own, capable of happily dancing within the ears and flavoring the tongue with that spicy salsa touch! It’s probably just as good to hear as to eat actual creamy Danish Cookies, but with the great benefit that digesting this over and over again (as you probably will…) will never destroy your figure or appetite!

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One Response to Vanessa Moses – Danish Cookies Is My Name

  1. Linda says:

    Damn, think you had all the kickstarter food of the week… Here come the cookies. And I was so having a non-sugar diet 😦 only splurging on chocolate on Sunday, because that is the day you are allowed to do everything you should not during the other days of the week. Better make every day a Sunday. That makes just as much sense as the recipe of the Danish cookies 😀

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