Astma and IOIOI – St. Petersburg/Yaroslavl (live 2013)

Artists: Astma and IOIOI
Title: St. Petersburg/Yaroslavl (live 2013)
Keywords: free!!!
Label: MAV [0KBPS] records

Asthma and IOIO are very much alive, so much so that they did live gigs. Proof of this is the ‘St. Petersburg/Yaroslavl (live 2013)’ netrelease. Freely available to download and even free to play it as many times that you want. Do not worry, no chewy cheque would be send to you afterwards as a surprise; it’s definitely free!

The music? You want to know about the music? I just told you about it! It’s absolutely free! In both ways! The first live recording is so free you won’t be really able to hunt it down and lock it into a genre box. If it was an animal and you had a zoo; you wouldn’t know where to place it; with the elephants? The fishes? The spider eating mega ants? The roaring lions or the poop throwing monkeys… I guess the last suggestion would be the closest as they might be behind bars, the monkeys are still free to throw their shit at the visitors of the zoo & cover them nicely with their poo. (Had to make this rhyme somehow)

But the performance isn’t at all shit, it’s ‘free’ and defies boundaries. You might say things like avant-garde, noise, funk, poetry, the whatever-genre… but no it’s just free… free in any way! It is also free as to enjoy it in the many ways that you could. You could play it through a gigantic speaker and sit on it so you could feel the vibrations, or simply use your ears to ear it. But the way you hear and enjoy it is also up to your own free will and mind.

To me personally i enjoyed fantasizing about Asthma and IOIO in some obscure location, playing their freedom sounds for a crowd of people who had rented out their minds so they could fill their empty heads with as much free music of Asthma and IOIO as possible. Who could blame them? So much freedom is like a fresh wind, a cleanup for a frequent listener who is stuck in boxes and loves to put a name tag to everything that it is receiving audio-wise. Just call it ‘free’ and let it be. Let it be, let it be… speaking words of wisdom; let it be. (Sorry I got carried away for a bit)
Anyway, whatever you do, feel free to click the link and check it out:

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