E GONE – The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger

Artist: E GONE
Title: The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger
Keywords: acoustic experimental atmospheric drone folkinstrumental lo-fi moody psychedelic folk singer-songwriter Stockholm
Reviewer: Willem van O.

E GONE starts this ear-friendly human release with a minimal piano bit that mumbles a bit like a nostalgic dream. This might be the red carpet for the full on folk material to start to hobble on. It goes so well, putting all the good intentions ahead with a lovely sound that feels like it’s coming from a banjo who had been around. E GONE’s vocal is pretty, like a mid range soul that cuts through any situation and has no problem singing it all away wonderfully. With ‘Tellurian Omega’ the notes become like something eastern, creating a magical atmosphere that would fit flying carpets and magic oil lamps that have a genie inside.

‘Rogue Diplomat’ goes further down this road and it feels intriguing like a fairytale of 1001 nights. You could just smell the belly buttons of belly dancers and imagine snakes coming out of baskets for a fancy dance. Somehow I can also smell the good foods and the special drinks; in a way the music brings a whole spectrum of thought of a exotic world of wonder.

‘Habit Hides You’ sounds more western, calmly stroking the strings of the instrument like a fair stream from a melodic small river. Somehow I get a vision of a paper-boat when listening; such a psychic elevating experience. ‘I have been given much’ feels like a sentimental song a long song, one to play late at night at the campfire while locking arms with each other and grilling marshmallows in the flames. The last and most lengthy recording on the release is ‘Give’ which is a pretty wordless music session of droney ambient with acoustic bits. It feels nice and humbling, smoothly caressing the ears with a nice touch of real care.


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2 Responses to E GONE – The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger

  1. linda says:

    Today is Wednesday. Time for a midweek meltdown. In it’s most pleasant form. A mere slowdown instead of a brain crash. This music just does that. Little folky, drift without the worries. Made me think of the Sixteen horsepower Cd I once bought. Less religous, a little calmer and less banjo.

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