The Doll – 28 Till Now

Artist: The Doll
Title: 28 Till Now
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

The Doll’s release on the dog & cat friendly Dog Park records is consisting of three live recordings of The Doll performing with different tools. What is used at these performances is neatly documented in the informative text on the bandcamp page (if you are all about the technical stuff; check it out!) but you could also do like me & just use your ears and let it flow cluelessly.

When I did this, I was carried away by the vocal performances in two of the three sessions. The first and the last one really stood out to me, making me want to go in a excessive expressive mood and write things like ‘the most wonderful vocal performances of the year, superb sound, emotionally touching with a fascinating singing voice that is intense and pure, clearly done in some kind of age-less trance that defies boundaries.” You know; enthusiastic words of praise and slightly exaggerated.

Of course the scruffy warm experimental sounds, coming from the eccentric fuzziness of the Doll experimenting is a big part of what makes these tracks, but it’s these vocal performances that makes them stand like a house on a dusty foundering. Showing a beautiful side of the spirit of people who refuse to become dull and all grown up, creative characters that refuse to lose touch with their inner kid, but there is also a teenage vibe to it that is rebelling and punk: documenting a spirit that is sweet and rebellious at the same time… I don’t know, it might be time for the intake of my non-existing medicines, but for sanity sake; check it out with your own ears & while you are at it; feel free to write your own sensible review for it!

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