Dizzonanz Domestic – Daily Frustrations

Artist: Dizzonanz Domestic
Title: Daily Frustrations
Keywords: noise, ambient noise, lobit
Label: 20kbps http://www.20kbps.sofapause.ch

Oh the daily frustrations love sucking up the day like a vacuum-cleaner engaging in the act of vacuuming the floor for so called hygienic purposes. In fact cleaning up and using a vacuum cleaner might actually be a daily frustration. I can’t imagine anyone vacuum-cleaning everyday, but who knows; it might be a job! In anyway ‘Daily Frustrations’ by Dizzonanz Domestic’ does not make me mention the word ‘vacuum-cleaner’ for nothing; it does actually sound a bit like sucking the floor with such a vacuum cleaner. It might not only be a floor but also other surfaces or subjects; creativity knows no boundaries.

The possibilities of a vacuum cleaner sucking things are as broad and limitless as one’s wild imagination would allow. I can imagine that people who would vacuum clean every day and find it a frustrating activity would be very turned on to find out about this release as if you play it loud enough I’m sure people would think you are using the vacuum cleaner, while actually you are just having a nice break, chilling out thanks to the sound of make-believe. I wonder if there are also releases out there to trick the office boss into thinking that you are typing documents out, a noisy DIY neighbor or one you could play that covers the sound of doing the dishes / washing and other daily frustrating activities.

It might just be sounds and no actual cleaning that is been done, but that doesn’t mean it’s the golden ticket towards doing nothing and just say that you have done it. However hearing such a vacuum cleaner friendly work it does somehow stimulates to actually find a vacuum cleaner in order to use it in sync with the music. Somehow this kind of ‘duo’ would be not only great interaction, it will eventually also make the place do look cleaner. Domestic cleaning is somehow fun again!

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