Vomir – pour Monsieur Jean ou l’amour absolu

Artist: Vomir
Title: pour Monsieur Jean ou l’amour absolu
Keywords: experimental harsh noise wall Nantes
Format: tape / digital
Label: crisis
Reviewer: Simon Hit

For ages punks have sung songs about having no future, but with the prominent French master of the Harsh Noise Wall this whole having ‘no future’ thing seemed ridiculous. With each release Vomir shows not only that there isn’t a future, neither there had been a past or a present. His works are all showing these concepts of time the middle finger, almost pointing out pointlessly how idiotic these statements are. Punks being so proud that they hardly could play an accord on their guitar will all be silent when stumbling upon the massive load of prominent releases that Vomir has brought out. Vomir wipes ‘culture’ out and makes all seem laughably redundant. 

His mostly untitled works are rendering their proudness of being ‘talentless’ uselessly to the ground. Funny thing is, I strongly doubt that Vomir cares about all of this, he seems to be just on a mission to bring the sound of no progression, no ideas or prospects. It’s the sound of the generation that likes to stick their head in black bags to embrace the inner garbage and become nothing.

This ‘pour Monsieur Jean ou l’amour absolu’ is taking that exclusion of ideas nicely to a similar level; gruesomely the typical Vomir sound crackles on in a stable mind crushing way. It has the crispy sound as well as the low bass crunch to make anyone who’s dead inside; tremble! But don’t underestimate Vomir as his fans might get exactly what they want with this release, it also comes with a surprising and intriguing off-balance making title & nice cover artwork to tickle your fancy. In any sense this is another master piece for in your must have Vomir collection!

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