AUOH – FUNdrive

Artist: AUOH
Title: FUNdrive
Keywords: experimental art community electronicimprovisational noise radio soundtrack Winnipeg

This release contains two tracks. Not railroad tracks, but somehow the first lengthy one might make you actually think of one. It’s a FUNdrive so if it’s the sound of an imaginative railroad track I’m sure we are in the front of the steam train enjoying the noise, smoke and occasionally hitting the brake slightly for a nice melodic friction between the wheels and the iron. The trip gets a nice moist noisy structure with laser like elements and fresh sparkling bubble sounds that somehow leads this track into some kind of spacious weird fuzzy fantasyland. The more the fun drive drives itself over the rails the more rattling the track becomes, creating a fast forward sound that makes the train go down the hill at a fast space… all on board! Choochoo!

The second track is a lively recorded session with a very peppered and spicy sound that might make your ears slightly tear from its fine rawness. The sound is very expressive, a bit fuzzy but melodically snarling with a synthetic sounding orgasm-worthy synth whoops that sing an euphoric song through the crunchy layer of sweet noise. Yes, peppery, spicy, raw and sweet; this is something only top chefs in the experimental audio kitchen could mix so perfectly. A rhythmic element is coming across like a mainframe computer is going berserk, while a bombastic energetic vibe crushes mentally against it for a weird collusion of robust weirdness. The ‘wow’ at the end says it all… everyone is impressed.

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  1. Very appreciative of the thoughtful review.

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