High in Las Vegas – To Live and High in Las Vegas

Artist : High in Las Vegas
Release : To Live and High in Las Vegas
Label : Museum of Skin
Keywords: electronic avant-garde beats choppedexperimental funk future hip hop instrumental internet punk loops obscure post-internet vaporlore vaporwaveWindsor
Link : https://museumofskin.bandcamp.com/album/to-live-and-high-in-las-vegas
Release date : February 2017
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Today I woke up in a bit of a bad mood, to say the least. Had to pop to town and deal with cretinous, normal people and a few trees to cut down when back home but, you know what?.. I’d have probably ended up running a mock round my local right wing town with my weedy electric chainsaw, threating miserable gits with a saw that could barely give someone a haircut, let alone anything else more sinister. So what does one do when faced with a day of fed-up-ness? Log onto the YKIS review request forum and discover some new music, of course; and I wasn’t disappointed in the least, for I hath discovered another cracking release from the good people at Museum of Skin Records. This time from a rather wonderfully colourful and retro sophisticated chic artist named ‘High in Las Vegas’

This is a collection of 14 songs, crafted from slicing and dicing samples in an eclectic and imaginative way that really works. NOTE : this is not a mash-up album, this is an album of hundreds of snippets of tracks, expertly crafted into new, individual songs that at times only show the very slightest resemblance to any of the original samples that have been used. Being a musician myself (ok, a drummer, but humour me..) I have always been a bit wary of DJ’s and producers as like many other people, think it’s just easy and talentless to do that kind of thing but I am of course, as always, totally wrong. To make an album like this must have taken absolutely hours of painstakingly complicated work, skill and effort, as well as the obvious musical talent to turn out a new song out of a dozen old ones.

Going back to my earlier, opening paragraph, I was in a stinker of a mood but after listening to this album a couple of times I can genuinely say that I am now smiling and feeling grand! It got a really 80’s vibe, akin to a radio station that could have been a feature of Vice City game. It’s cheerful, summery and positive. You want to listen carefully but you also want to get off your arse and dance too!! There’s high production value here and some really fat beats as well so don’t go thinking this is just some kind of modern day nostalgia trip. Everyone should listen to this before they go out for a night out, hell, listen whilst on a night out and listen every time you feel even slightly miserable or grey too. If this doesn’t cheer you up, give you a swagger and just make everything seem better, then nothing will.

I don’t know too much about the artist but I do know that I’m looking forward to their next release. In the meantime I’m going to crack open a Corona and listen to this record again. If I squint I maybe able to imagine that the sun is shining too. To everyone who has read this review I recommend that you do the same and go listen, download and smile!!


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