Drvg Cvltvre – Nobody Cares Forever

Artist: Drvg Cvltvre
Title: Nobody Cares Forever
Format: CD + digital (digital contains 3 bonus tracks)
Cat: NYH100
Releasedate: March 21, 2017
Keywords: electronic, experimental, noise, drug culture
Label: New York Haunted https://newyorkhaunted.bandcamp.com

I know, nobody will probably care to read about a release that isn’t even out and about yet, but in this case it’s from Drvg Cvltvre and somehow I cared because… uh… magic! Anyway, here is a review for this upcoming album by this prolific Dutch producer that for sure makes the right music to honor its name.

It all starts with the tune ‘Amnesiac Avenue (Yung Trump Mix)’ which has this large uprising rave sound that could fill up any dancing, any discotheque, or terror dance party tent with its intense building up of intensification. The sound grows, making everyone who had been digesting mind altering pills or sniffed washing powder as high in anticipation for a total drop completely mental. Amnesiac Avenue could drive every clubber mentally insane by being one bombastic buildup that eventually grows and becomes the biggest elephant in the room by not giving into that urge of potential hardcore beats! It’s one big art of suspension and Drvg Cvltvre masters it well…

The next track on this release ‘Weight Of Your Conscience’ surprisingly stays calm and descent. With it muffled base kick pounding Drvg Cvltvre shakes the groove with the happy slapping of programmed trickery. In the depth and at only the necessary places there are a few evil minimal synth parts swimming around, giving it that kind of vibe that the bad Disney characters could identify with.

The ‘Brother Woke’ tune is the stand out tune on this release, it focuses on a engaging rhythm and the repetitive movement of a manipulated voice saying ‘don’t give a fuck’ over and over again. I guess Drvg Cvltvre has a point & somehow not giving a F sounds not only that he means it and has put his groovy cold heart into it, but also like a recruiter for others who feel the same way.

Another piece ‘Busy Dying’ has that golden touch of being soullessly raving in the cold, it’s strangely inviting, easily on the ears when high on the right stuff & somehow makes you want to be high if you had been listening sober. It’s almost as if the rhythmic minimalism is whispering in your ears; I’m your dealer – give me all your money.

The track named ‘Thaurity’ is more like a shimmering half dark soundscape that takes the ears into the mind of a completely wasted party goer who is somewhere stuck in a dance loop, sucking fanatically on a popsicle realizing all his friends had turned into dancing demons. It’s like a happy and bad trip at the same time! Drink lots of water, kids!

Every Dictatorship Has One Obsession’ and Drvg Cvltvre just might be it. Drvg Cvltvre celebrates it with a shimmering slow minimal work with nice acid bubbles, warm tom-toms and a housey thing. It’s probably the warmest and kindest tune on this record. From this the record drops a more heavy stomper named ‘Inshallah’ which stumps and pounds prominently away while strange rhythmic sound twirls around on repeat and a atmospheric backdrop somehow creates a atmosphere of being in some abandoned mosque-like environment.

The show goes on with ‘Smitches’ which sounds much more silly than the title suggest. It’s like some weird tripped out acid head dropping more acid while his head funkily plays a tune on a piano. It has this wasted and satisfied feeling over it; the ultimate destination for any engaged fan of actual Drvg Cvltvre. But don’t worry even if your whole world had been melted down, Drvg Cvltvre has also ‘Fleshcoloured Jesus’ available for all your possible salvations and answers for your prayers. Hearing the Fleshcoloured Jesus do its thing, it is clear that no matter how wasted you are as a sinner; your savior is sounding exactly on your level.

Wake Up’ before you go-go die, is not the title for the next track. It is simply ‘Wake Up’ but somehow it seems to be about ‘dying’. The music is a strange blend of slow amen break, four by four kicks and an overwhelming ambience of a rich mix between darkness and light. Speaking of light, the track named ‘All My Heroes’ showcases a more loving side of Drvg Cvltvre, clearly dipping onto our sentimental sense by bringing a lovely melody that will speak to a generation that had been grown up with chippy game music and doing mushrooms while controlling a pixel character named Mario. In any way it’s a satisfying and loving end to this release. One that I think isn’t particularly nasty or particularly nice but hangs in between them, perfectly covering Drvg Cvltvre at its finest. If you want to put it in your ears, please wait till the 21 of March as than ‘Nobody Cares Forever’ will be released on New York Haunted on CD & as a digital download (sexy!). If you care to know, it will also be distributed by Clone.nl (even more sexy!)

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