Alex Spalding – Debussy Dance

Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: Debussy Dance
Keywords: electronic ambient avant-garde chillout electroshoegaze soundscapes Springfield

Alex Spalding had recently dropped an release and you probably have seen it around as it is a sparkling one. In fact it’s so sparkling that I had to arrange a scarecrow otherwise the local mockingbird would come to steal it before I could even have a chance to hear it. that’s how sparkling it is. I will try not to mention sparkles too much in this ‘review’ but don’t shoot me if I do it multiple times. Thank you. Trust me even with thick sunglasses on it keeps on sparkling. Rumor goes that Alex Spalding is the artist name and he is really called Alex Sparkling… not sure why Sparkling became Spalding, but guess what surname fits this release best?

Let’s stay focused on the glittering music shall we? It all starts with a tune named
Lost FM which is a marriage of all the good things; evenings outside alone with a drink overseeing the happenings of the day/having dreams of micro mermaids sparkling in your liquid filled glass/a heart at ease and relaxed/your legs up for extra comfort/a noise free area to sink away in… the mellow melodies that Alex drops are so lovable, they are like a friend offering you a shelter to hide away in when things in daily life get a little bit much. The sweet percussive drums are an extra delight, feeling as vibrant as bubbles inside a freshly opened can of Belgian bicycle beer. Alex embraces you with care and shows his friendly side, offering you a place to stay (in the music!) and you must be really hating yourself if you won’t take the invitation.

Even with the eyes closed while still being protected behind dark sunglasses the sparkling evening summer sound of ‘Sundrips’ are sparkling through like no sparkles had done before. But here these sparkles wear sunglasses themselves, clearly being the coolest sparkles that are out there, colorfully shining on a hazy jazz drum for easy comfort. Open your eyes and become blinded, close them and be delighted.

The strangely titled tune ‘Olive st Bar’ comes with a very nice moving phasing thing, sound-wise this track goes straight into the head towards the neck muscles, making heads bob and move like a well lubed spine poking inside something that feels very right to poke in. Such a nice feeling! You do not want this to stop and when it does you probably still wanted it to go on…

But this is an album by Alex Spalding and not some random selfish weirdo, so even when the next tune flops in it is clear that this is a release that just keeps on giving! Apparently it gives us a ‘Asphalt Hill’… it sounds weird but Asphalt Hill gives so much sunshine, a drawing of a brightly colored mini house on the top of a asphalted hill would be fitting; the floor shiny and bright and odd looking birds sitting on the rooftop bopping their heads to these pretty Spalding sparkles.

There is a track in between but I feel so naughty and go straight to one named ‘birdland’ because it saves the birds from the previous description a bonus flight. This work is even more sparkling, with full on stereo sparkles sparkling away. The music sparkles so much that it is making me think of a parrot showing it’s shiny & healthy feathers; so wonderful! Just look at it! Can you see the parrot’s feathers?

Nagasaki brings more sparkles, although here they seem to sparkle in a more Japanese anime style. You know big eyes, tiny cutely drawn noses and spider dicks. Don’t tell me that there are no spider dicks in Japanese anime cause I know there is.. it’s something you won’t forget when you see it… but in all fairness Nagasaki doesn’t sound like it is the sparkling sound for spider dicks to do their spider dick things on…

Jaqet has this nice house vibe that would be perfect to hear while going for a long drive, walk or (why not?) a flight in a flying car. The baselines have this sweet snarling groove within their soul, the pretty dreamy backdrop sparkles are giving it a 4 dimensional flow; something that only people with an hearing problem will probably not be able to feel or appreciate; so good!

Filler Track might have a title suggesting that it’s a filler, it might as well have been named ‘fuller track’ as it makes the release look fuller and also sounds pretty justified to be there. Track Number 11 is more quick but has a good groove with lovely patches and yet again those sparkling sparkles until it goes for a quick fade out leaving me (and many others for sure) begging for more… but no; it’s the end for the groovy times as it’s time for Alex to give us more warm rays of love and kindness with his emotional sounding work of pureness they is strangely named ‘pretender’. What does this all mean? Is this track and the feelings not what it is that we could feel? Or is it the truth normally hidden from view?


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2 Responses to Alex Spalding – Debussy Dance

  1. Linda says:

    This sounded good, but I had to go home and didn’t finish it. So I’ll get back on this 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    It seems this album is cursed. Every time I want to get into it, I have a meeting, someone coming over to tell me how it is, someone coming over to tell me how it was…
    What I capture from it so far, that it is as relaxing as drifting in the bathtub. A classic Spalding 😀

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