Malaventura – La Fuerza / The Strength (EP / / 2016)

Artist: Malaventura
Title: La Fuerza / The Strength (EP / / 2016)
Keywords: cut and paste electronic hip hop hip-hop/rap beatselectronica instrumental samples sampling tarot Spain

Hello and welcome at a rambling review by a rambling maniac for a lovely sensible release. I’m saying sorry upfront today as I just can’t think straight, so be aware that this might go a bit more looney… more than usual? Who knows! Let’s give it a go!

After the so called NASA discover of finding earth-like planets it’s a very fitting time to give some love to this EP by Malaventura. Why? Just listen to the first track and you will have your answer. As a lazy reviewer I can’t urge an individual like yourself enough to stop reading and click to do a ‘listening’. I hope that in the future we could abolish the whole write up thing and that people would just listen without any typed word; it would save us all so much space and time in the end & by any means the personal ears of a reader are much more reliable than the ones I’ve got here. But anyway, an out of control hobby is an out of control hobby & somehow this release got send in so they must be dying for our honest opinion & occasional nonsense. Let’s get professional!

So yes, this EP starts with the pretty relaxed sounding ‘sunless’ the track that fits so nicely with the discovery of these brothers and sisters of Mother Earth seven light years away. I don’t know about you, but when I heard this news I quickly packed my bags hoping that some alien vessel had arrived to pick us lucky few up for a new fruitfully somewhere else. Positive thinking, he? See that’s the thing, every day things in the universe starts to make more and more sense. Yesterday I heard the release of T.R.i.V.M. and described it as a birth and rebirth and guess what? The pixel layer artwork that is now a backdrop for our head of comment’s Linda computer screen is in fact a picture of the producers nephew (hi Mathew!) while still in the womb of his mum. Also the album was dedicated to his friend Ed who appears to be a great man trying to lead a new life after having a ‘rebirth’ as a monk… and in other news my partner in crime was creatively designing and inventing new planets & than suddenly there was this ‘discovery’… I know I should wear a tinfoil hat at all times and talk about this release by Malaventura but you see all these universal coincidences are taking place and the sound of this first track just made it ‘click’ again: we are all connected!

Moving on without giving all too many hints about the music (it’s best to not give away any spoilers so you just got to check it out instead of reading this) and there is this other tune… it still fits this whole ‘connection’ thing but clearly try to move away from the NASA discovery, but just not really made it away. The track is named ‘I’ve seen you somewhere’ … I mean even the google search page comes with a banner of earth peeking through a binocular to discover the other earths AND THEY ARE LOOKING BACK… so yes another connection; a intergalactic one! Besides if you sit there behind the screen I have seen you somewhere, I don’t know where you are but I know you are there.. and guess what I’m behind a screen too; damn, all these spiritual connections! So little review! It’s hard to say anything about it because the music is short and nice, it has just like the previous track a bit of words, but mostly consists of a laid back rhythm and a chill out mood. This one is even sounding a bit lounge-y.

Let’s try to not become irrational and become focused; its not so easy especially when the music is so lovingly light and relaxed. It makes a person like me feel at home, free to do what you want and talk like a headless chicken. Like this pretty track ‘La Force’ is so peaceful, with sweet programmed drums, sampled bits and repetitive niceness that it’s hard for me to put on a bow tie and act like a professional music insider. It’s more the music to hear on vacation, or in the garden on a pretty day, having a bit of tea with booze inside or coffee (with booze inside) and some chocolate chip cookies to dip in… It’s the music for a chilled out good time.

Yes, that’s it; chilled out music for a good relaxed off-time. The track ‘The Operator’ will not steer away from this concept, sweetly giving in fine sounding swinging drums with some vintage female voice announcing the technique of the operator. It has this rhythm and vibe that feels like it is made to loosen up the shoulders, relaxedly popping and locking them like a professional breakdancer on a long break in the sun. The last tune ‘At Tar’ features this old classy warm sound by a radio friendly voice, opera hints, dusty drums all coming together in a cool down session of slow beauty. By now my enthusiasm of the alleged discovery of earthly planets has moved away as the music by Malaventura has successfully taken my head away into a state of pure relaxation. I will try to find my tinfoil hat, in the meantime it’s best for you to connect with the music on this lovely EP at the following link:

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1 Response to Malaventura – La Fuerza / The Strength (EP / / 2016)

  1. Linda says:

    A mystery alien on the screen. An alien called Mathew. It makes me stare into the cubes just even more 😀

    Very very nice release!! I wish it was longer, pulling me into the weekend. I wanted to ask the operator to go on a little longer, but I was not allowed to disturb 😦 Instead, It’s now going for a third spin.

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