A walking guide to the Rewire 2017 festival


While the winds are reaching speeds up to 130kmph (which is 80.778 mph for everybody who still uses the Imperial System), I’m allready dreaming about next moth walk in the beautiful city of The Hague.

After visiting last years TodaysArt Festival, we are now invited to tell you a thing or two about the Rewire Festival. We will do this by the means of this very thoroughly measured map of the city with all the main venues marked by this beautiful pink (at least I think it’s pink) ellipses which was totally not made in mspaint. No it really wasn’t!

So, the first venue we will look at is…….wait! Where is the map? I knew I put it somewhere on this beautiful white WordPressEditor page on which this guide is being written.

Ah found it!


As you can see it absolutely isn’t a Google Map printscreen superimposed with the great paint skills of yours truly. But where do we start? Do you see that little pink elipse in the first quadrant of the picture? Or the third from the top, whichever one you prefer. That is ‘Het Nutshuis’ which isn’t a house for nutty professors, but the venue where you can get your tickets, have a drink at the bar, see the people of the live radio broadcast and by the mandatory Rewire swag.

The building itself is a former bank and was finished in 1921. It is one of the noteworthy buildings in this part of the centre.


Het Nutshuis. Your starting and resting point

Directly above it (in the map) lies Grote Kerk or big church. And this is by far the biggest church in The Hague. As far as I know it isn’t used for services anymore, but you still can get your wedding planned if you want. Nowadays it’s mostly used for congresses and festivals. The also infamous Dutch Beer Festival is held there. If you’re not coming to the festival, but are in The Hague you should see the insides of this beautifully build church.


No, I’m not showing you the inside. You should see it for yourself.

If we go even more north in the map, we come at a little pink circle that is a bit disattached from the rest of the centre. But you should go there, because it’s the place where a lot of Dutch and international artists begin their carreer. It is the Korzo Theater. Rewire and Korzo have a cross-pollination (I looked this one up) between eachother as they promote a lot of new artists. Once you’ve seen them on any of their festivals, you’ll know that they will be headlining larger festivals sooner or later.


OffKorzo we’ll see you here also!

After these top three (literally) we’ll walk to the bottom. Luckely enough two venues are situated almost directly opposite of oneanother. the firsst one is Prins27, which is located in the multitalentedboardingschoolbuilding Koorenhuis. As this name suggests it held the Koren (which is corn). These days you can folllow diverse training in almost every culteral sector you want.


Somewhere in this building must be Prins27

On the opposite side of the road lies Paard van Troje. This isn;t the oplace they build this magnificient wooden statue to invade Troye. It is named this way for the element of surprise it delivers. Be it really large bands playing there for small audiences, or being the steppingstone for newcomers. Having a blues concert one night and a hardcore gabber rave the other (or sometimes even at the same time). You’ll be amazed by the programming they have to offer.


Let the Paard surprise you

Last (but, as the say, not least) is that pink dot which in al the way down to the right. This is The Luterse Kerk (Lutheran Church). It is snug right between other buildings and doesn’t stand out as much as the Grote Kerk. The interior on the other will let you fully experience the planned events.


Snuggly church

So, that’s it for the first preview of the Rewire Festival. Stay tuned for the next preview, which will not feature a Google map superimposed by MsPaint skilled lines and pink circles.

Johan Nederpel

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1 Response to A walking guide to the Rewire 2017 festival

  1. Linda says:

    This is such a nice lead to a nice festival! I don’t know The Hague that well (being at Paard van Troye has been decades ago), so this introduction is very helpful. Not too sure if I can make it to the festival moneywise and agendawise, but I’m seriously looking into it.
    Looking forward for more introductions!

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