GIMP GASH – Off Your Lights

Title: Off Your Lights
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wallharshnoise harshnoise wall hnw sound collageUnited Kingdom
Label: HNM records

It’s hard to keep up with the requests over here, we get them by fax, post, email, this site, telepathy, chain mail, postal pigeon, haunted telephone and sometimes it’s the scariest one of all mediums; twitter. If you are waiting a billion years for us to say something about your sounds, please take a seat as some things just got to go first, especially this release by GIMP GASH.

GIMP GASH privately tweeted us a couple of messages in and it was clear that her release couldn’t join the line of waiters, as somehow that might resulted in years of doom, bad luck and never to be able to sleep again. Not that it was threatening, just the music on this release came out and didn’t want to go back in its box. In fact my head got taken over, only being able to host the demon inside this release, so it could basically type it’s own review by possessing… somehow it nestled in my own thoughts, copying the style of how I would ‘normally’ write… demons, so old fashioned and yet so up to date and efficiently modern.

Dismember your children for Satan is the first track on the menu for today. It is served with a romantic violin to get a bit of comfort while the satanic mumblings is trying to program some new devilish orders into the unexpected listener. At the end the the voices might bring out the worst out of you while a demon crawls into the driver seat of your consciousness and start to drive you to do as the title implies. If you haven’t any children you would probably be fine, but if you have; beware that your clothes might get a little bloody after obeying the pushy words in this spell of a track.

‘Tarot Cards’ cones with electric pulses, pushing the darkness forward in which GIMP GASH feels the most at home. Her voice fills up the ears, slipping on a backwards tongue creating secrete messages, possible worldly black magic that might make a listening listener say nothing but praises about it all. You could also end up like me, telling how successful GIMP GASH is in creating a very creepy mood and sinister atmosphere by manipulating popular music bits like the classic ‘mister sandman’ hit and mold it into a creepiness that the easily scared shouldn’t hear alone in the dark.

Contacting the Dead’ is like a séance in which we listeners sit around the table with GIMP GASH, holding each other’ hands while she channels the spirits of the dead to come and haunt us all in our nightmares. Music wise it reminds of these classic one pound horror movies like’dont look into the basement’ and ‘ghoulies’ it’s sounding like it is made in the time of dusty VHS tapes and it makes it all even more atmospheric.

The last track is ‘pact with a shapeshifter’ whivh features more creepiness, comes with jolly backwards funfair sounds and some cozy mumbling devil who somehow has the magical power to make old school telephones ring in a odd way. If I was you I wouldn’t pick up, unless Satan is your friend of course… don’t let the monster wait!

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1 Response to GIMP GASH – Off Your Lights

  1. Linda says:

    I expected harsh noise, so I only gave this album a listen at the end of the working day. During the first track, I expected a sudden hash noise to be taken over at every second. It didn;t happen, but instead I started to feel light and happy, easy life, just follow the orders. It’s a good thing I don’t have kids as I might have made the news and be behind bars right now.

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