various artists – 33 1 / 3

Artists: various
Title: 33 1 / 3
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental avant-gardedrone electropop experimental electronic female vocalsindustrial instrumental minimal minimalist musique concrete noise retro sound art United Kingdom
Label: The Committee for Sonic Research

Compilations, you have heard of them and now you could explore one! This one is not only a compilation, it is also the very first release coming from The Committee for Sonic Research. Somehow if all three tracks have gone through a committee before ending up on this compilation you just know that it must be either a well selected selection, or up to a certain standard. From what my ears had heard, the committee not only got the sounds right that fitted each other, but also played it a bit safe by making some of the prominent artist come back for a reappearance; so if you like the sound of one of these tunes, you probably like them all (and the other way around) let’s take a look…

Tourmaline Hum starts this compilation with something that brings a certain rush upon my spine. Not a rash, but indeed a rush as it’s beautiful but also exciting. A bit like music made for a movie, one that has action, drama and scenes with impressive looking landscapes. I imagine cool lonely clouds, mist and green valleys with a huge cast of actors in Viking attire. Please could someone point out this track to some kind of Hollywood movie maker who sits on a bunch of cash? The music is already here, now someone just got to make the movie…

What’s next on this enormous compilation? It’s ‘Trixie Delight’ who has a name that couldn’t fit any better, her first appearance on this compilation brought me as a music fan; extreme delight. Her intimate sounding song feels like it’s coming from her heart that balances on a invisible rhythm that feels strong and kind at the same time. Difficult to explain perhaps but it’s this kind of flow that I imagine a soul would have, making her way of singing to go into the ears like a delightful easiness. But it’s (not unsurprisingly) not only about her intimate voice and soulful singing, she is also accompanied with very interesting crispers of sound; giving every lover of experimental snippets of sounds a proper reason to drool upon hearing it.

Schmaidl is taking the honor to bring the follow up track named ‘river 1997’. At the beginning it feels like someone is knocking continuously on a wooden door. The knocking not stops but it gets joined by immersive synth bits that snarl it into a next level. In the end it becomes a dance track for spiritual soldiers flying down the stratosphere.

British Experimental Rocket Group deliciously gives us this old school live recording of a back-in-the-days. The sound is so cool, like wet acid drops going for a trancelike wetness that would make any acid-head smile. The quality of the recording is super fuzzy,

Warp censor comes with a superior beat that just keeps going while a retro fest of electric guitar and sweet electronic notes giving it a mood of waking up after coffee kicks in. It kicks in at a slow pace but becomes euphoric and uplifting in a positive way.

Tourmaline Hum also brings a candid sounding ‘rain song’, it comes with humbling ahhh’s and moving percussions that you could easily feel in your bones and flesh; if you are not glued to a seat or paralyzed there will be no way any listener could resist the automatic reflex to make their bodies move. The automatic rain dance might result in the arrival of a bit rain, but the plants, trees and flowers will definitely appreciate it. Also moving the muscles to the rain song is beneficial for your health.

Lone Cosmonaut keeps the style of this compilation nicely together. It’s in the sounds that are used, but also the style. It doesn’t feel like it’s made by huge cigar smoking egos sitting behind expensive studio gear in order to put out another multimillion dollar hit; it’s much more authentic, you can still here the love and it comes in this form of new age dream music with a easy going beat.

Trixie Delight returns with another work that would probably get fans of experimental music and good vocals excited. Here she brings herself along with underwater submarine sounds; bubbling in deep depth and regular sonar bloops. It might be dark and claustrophobic underneath the sea, but somehow Trixie brought a guitar and sings how much she wants to be inside of you. It’s a dream easy to make her dream come true; just play her music in your ears and it’s done. Trixie Delight won’t disappoint you!

Schmaidl also makes a return to the compilation, from what I could hear it is a bit like a magic spell, with reversed sounds and indeed spiritual sounding vocals. I couldn’t hear or tell you much more as somehow some lunatic started to boil water in the reviewers office, creating a boiling rumble that was louder than it supposedly should be; my apologies.

Luckily the water boiler had been destroyed by a fan of this compilation, which was great news as the other track by Tourmaline Hum was short, but too pretty to be missed out on. If i was a typical builder at a building site and this track would walk by I would cat call it without shame. The warm pretty melody done with this nice friendly choice of sound in ‘Fioritura’ just makes my heart tremble. As if the compilation could read my mind, knowing that it wants more Tourmaline Hum.. it delivers just that! A miracle! Tourmaline Hum’s Bletchley Park Lurker lurks around nice in all the right shadowy corners like a peeping Tom with a walking leg disability.

Also British Experimental Rocket Group makes a grand return, exploring cosmos-friendly space synthesizer sound in a track named ‘Winnerton Flats’. It’s the material that makes me want to sniff around in second hand music shops; the synths, the keys of a retrotastic future.

When Trixie Delight and Tourmaline Hum put their powers together a strange brew of dark shimmering material gets born. Tricks sings like a spiritual human being who have seen it all, and the music seems to brew in a gothic comfort. It goes well with the atmospheric track by Dental Drill Slips which has perhaps no words, but still got the industrial music talking smoothly.

British Experimental Rocket Group does one more time it’s synthetic old school sounding thing. There is more on this compilation, but as these are ‘exclusive’ tracks on the vinyl version of this release it’s up to the lucky owners of the vinyl to judge them for themselves. You could be one of them! Check it out at the following link:

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2 Responses to various artists – 33 1 / 3

  1. Linda says:

    This album is so diverse and loungy that I could easily suppress my curiosity to know what it would sound like at 45 rpm. That this is a little trickier to accomplish with a stream instead of the actual vinyl did contribute as well.

  2. Thanks guys. This is our 47th release, but the first on vinyl. The label The Committee For Sonic Research grew for the ‘band’ tourmaline hum. We now have artists from Germany, USA and Brazil as well at the UK.

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