Cássio Figueiredo – lembrando aspectos mortos

Artist: Cássio Figueiredo
Title: lembrando aspectos mortos
Keywords: alternative
Label: banana records

What can a person write about lembrando aspectos mortos by Cássio Figueiredo? Probably a lot of things. Like for example how it starts with something that sounds like a funky dancing that slowly gets pumped up and destroyed by the help of a prominent gas-leak. Or how it goes on for something that sounds a bit like a masochistic scene in which it seems like someone is gagged, leaving a bunch of muffled screams and how bizarre it sounds with the backward disco music at the end. Is this a documentary of a disco funk psychopath?

Or maybe I could write down that nothing is more creepier than children’s rhymes & how somehow Cássio Figueiredo such things could become loopy and glitchy, making this creepiness actually sounding strangely cute. Or I could mention the short intermezzo with gas-like sound bubbling away in the lower regions? Or the part on this album that a bit of shimmering bass is going up and down, making similar movements of a swing in a abandoned playground?

Perhaps write down about the water bottle shaking sound and the atmospheric hums? Or mention that part that sounds a bit like a piece of machinery used in agriculture, maybe a gigantic land-mower with lack of grass to cut? Maybe pen up a story about the English muffled sounds and a voice on repeat saying ‘thousands of people are affected by the irresponsibility of others’? Maybe type an essay about the warm harsh noise with irregularities? There are way too many things to write or to discuss concerning this album, it’s probably best to not say, mention or drop any hints at all & just provide a link instead:

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1 Response to Cássio Figueiredo – lembrando aspectos mortos

  1. Linda says:

    Listening to this one could not been combined well with the works at hand. So I only listened to the first track.

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