Kbit – Future Yesterday

Artist: Kbit
Title: Future Yesterday
Keywords: electronic house breaks chillout chillwavecinematic disco downtempo electronica synthwaveMelbourne

Let’s give Melbourne producer Kbit a bit of a shoutout as this album just might be ‘it’. Not ‘it’ the Stephen king clown but ‘it’ in a sense that it might have ‘it’ that makes it into a nice album. If you look closely to the artist name the ‘it’ is even integrated in it ‘Kb-IT’; a great case of subliminal messages going to the next level.

It’s a very cool release flirting with a nice retro futurism that has a bit of an eighties feel, but if you forget ages and time periods, it’s music wise very pretty and nice. With a certain minimalism and yet full ‘it’ sound Kbit brings slow and mellow perfection with nice synthesized sympathy. It is difficult to describe to me as the music within these tracks will take the mind away on a nice ride of perfection, every detail, sound, bass, melody and beat is placed to please a listener.

There is no doubt that the ‘it’ factor of Kbit will please many in search for feel good mellow dance music to spend the day with. This is an album that will not give you headache or fill your head up with things to think about; it is more a compilation of excellent tracks that feel familiar, as if they had been living in your subconscious and are now come over to say hello in the politest kind of way.

In a way this release gives exactly what ‘it’ says as promised in the album title ‘future yesterday’. It’s a future that somehow we are familiar with, mellow melodies & delicious synthesizer sounds all working together to make something you probable feel comfortable at home in, as even though it sounds futuristic, it also sounds like we have been there before. A really nice album indeed:

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1 Response to Kbit – Future Yesterday

  1. Linda says:

    Perfect work backdrop, going in and out of weekend. Pleasurable everywhere anytime!

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