Crown of Eternity – Dream Architecture

Artist: Crown of Eternity
Title: Dream Architecture
Keywords: ambient bells deep drone electronic folk gongheavy love magic meditation peace Oakland
Label: inner islands

Crown of Eternity’s Dream Architecture is like a fantasy for the mind. Imagine yourself stepping into a spiritual guru’s house, an alternative music loving modern day shaman who has all the right tools available to expose your brain to calm tones and sounds. With in the end hopefully healing and sedating effects with the result to make a chaotic mind completely calm with all thoughts nicely synchronized.

Imagine this persona ordering you to sit down in it’s creative living room, softly with your bottom on a mysterious piece of carpet… next the guiding alternative help will close your eyes so you could experience the sound magic of the dream architecture technique without any real visual distractions. With the eyes closed your ear functions becomes bigger, making it easy to hear the things Crown of Eternity is exposing your head with.

Tones from gongs, little magic bowls that create these audio waves in the air, traveling through skin and bone, nicely vibrating through them to drop their relaxing pulses. Crown of Eternity’s style, way of timing and sound choice is working great to get the head into the relaxed zone. You don’t even need to visit this sound guru, just follow the following link, let the music start while you close your eyes; success guaranteed!

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2 Responses to Crown of Eternity – Dream Architecture

  1. Linda says:

    I am so happy and content with all the reviewed releases from the past days! Totally forgot to share the happiness…

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