Agnès Pe – Tremble Passion

Artist: Agnès Pe
Title: Tremble Passion
Keywords: devotional experimental radiohead source extreme sound forum data shit madrigals midines tremble soundLleida

Agnès Pe is back and this time she brought some trembling-worthy music experiments with her. I can’t report on them all as that would not only be considered ‘spoilers’ to everyone who enjoys exploring the newest Agnès Pe release without pre-knowledge of what to expect & how things will sound like BUT still have some things to write about the things that are important: for example how it starts!

The start is always important as it lures people in, wether it’s a cinema experience or in this case a audio-kind of entertainment. The story with this brand new release sets a clear setting of ambient & electric shaving. The right word might be a electric hair trimmer with ambience included. Everyone might be able to get a haircut by scissors, but getting it all done by a trimmer is more buzzing and will probably cut off long hair more efficiently, making it easy to show the form of the person’s head after being trimmed.

Imaging having your hair trimmed with ambience tones of Agnes Pe and you know that this release is of to a great start. But this is not just a great start, it will just become more greater. As after a nice relaxing dry hair trimming session Agnès Pe will add water to it, mixed with a sweet soundtrack of natural field-recordings for the ultimate hair cut experience.

But don’t be afraid if this isn’t the way you like your hair to be treated as Agnes Pe has also some more voluminous shaving sessions on her menu if needed; expect being cut with a hammer, some flammable oil and a fire… but do not worry if that sounds harsh as it isn’t. It’s fun and exciting and afterwards Agnes Pe will massage your ears with a bit of melodic kindness; it’s the ideal hair cut experience, really! Even the hairs on the edge of the back of your neck will not be forgotten!

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