blackONwhite – The Other Side of the Hedge

Artist: blackONwhite
Title: The Other Side of the Hedge
Keywords: experimental psychedelic Roxbury Township

Let’s take a well deserved look at The Other Side of the Hedge by blackONwhite. They say the grass is always greener on the other side and for sure it is sounding like that. The other side of BlackONwhite’s hedge is as far as I could see an enormously pleasant blur of hand played psychedelia that just staring at it from a distance has the power to get to you for a pleasant case of music intoxication.

The music riddles along like mysterious soundscapes that sativa-minded people could easily connect too; it’s a world in which gravity seems to be different, making the onlooker of the other side feel on one side very light headed & on the other side not too light to completely fly away into the great sky. It is as if blackONwhite slipped in an authentic deep trance and the smoke of the musician’s aura is ticking the eyes and altering the perception of the ears.

At time, in bizarre ways the music breaks free from its own psychedelic shackles, shining through its own misty soundscape like bonus lights that go up in the air to meet the sky; it’s like mystical lasers moving around to shake the hands of the gods while the other side of the hedge keeps in a perfect double daze of next level intoxication. Looking in this album is making the floors bouncy, gravity questionable and music less bound than you would expect.

blackONwhite’s side of the hedge is one where all the spacious misty action is, sometimes the spiritual smog becomes more gentle, beautiful even; letting the human being behind the project slip through to add an approachability to the landscape of salvia delights. The music surroundings are mostly channeled with atmospheric guitar works, third dimension percussion sessions and the voice of Rick Hoffman who is clearly channeling this album here to the best of his abilities.

Everything on the other side of the hedge might be unfamiliar, so spiritually different or such a define music blur that it might scare a complete sober onlooker at first sight, but please do not turn the other cheek and peek away as the other side of the hedge has so much to offer. See it as the secret hidden garden in which unbirthday parties could be held, up could be down and down could be up. Just tune in, let it absorb into your ears and become intoxicated by what you hear and see.

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