Bullshit Market – Dingus

Artist: Bullshit Market
Title: Dingus
Keywords: punk cut-up harsh noise noisecore power electronics queer Detroit

Bullshit Market delivers with Dingus some seriously hard shit. But it is not hard that it will constipate you, it is more of a kind that works like an effective laxative. It’s not recommended to stand in front of your speakers with your butt cheeks spread as that might result in a eruption of shit just from the harsh cocktail of noises. Hearing it with your ears is a smarter move, as it would be less common to have shit come out of them as a result. Blood, puss and dirt; yes! But don’t think Bullshit Market is just tormenting brainlessly, as ‘Dingus’ is surprisingly colorful in dark festive ways.

It starts with ‘Black Leather Curtain’ which is a bit like watching your favorite retro game console being raped, twisted and screwed in a violent session. You could hear the bleeps still screaming their sounds of nostalgia while at the same time being in a gruesome unbearable fight for survival. There is no way anything will be left intact as Bullshit Market simply shows no mercy and tucks that sentimental vibe right up your ass with enough noises to make it bleed.

Wingle Dingus will torment the ears with such festive high tones that vibrate like farts coming from an tight asshole. They come across like a maddening celebration in which air is forcibly let out from balloons hanging in the hallways of death-row. Somehow the sound is so fine, squirmy and high that it goes underneath the skin, as if injected by a dentist with unorthodox tools and twisted around for fun & sadism at the same time. The abstract noise squeak and squirt their load and even manages to become vocal. It’s something you won’t hear every day & might f#ck up your hearing so you won’t hear it ever again even if you wanted to.

Hetero Country Song (Ashtray) is heavy in the way that it is building up this tension in which you expect a certain hell to break lose, but instead the actual hell is for most part the anxiety of the expectation… hell will poke through, just like a shock moment in a torturous horror movie; only at the moment that you won’t expect it; leaving you terrified in the warmth of the cozy sounding rest of the Hetero Country Song…

‘Round Here (counting crows cover)’ is making pulp of any ear drum within it’s audio range, it’s super loud, fuzzy, distorted and mind crushingly hard. It’s an assault in the lower and higher regions, beeping the gritty high tones just as efficient as the below the belt crushing noise. The only way to proper dance to this is by pouring petroleum on yourself and somehow putting your fingers in contact with the inner parts of a electric socket; hairs up, a body full tension and a heartbeat like a machine gun.

White Boy Butt With Black Friend Ripped Through Honey Poll Man Blood is one minute of action, ripping not only this white boy’s butt but also anyone who is wise enough to blast this out loud. Expect blood to gush out of your ears like the hallway scene of the shining & you’ll know it’s best to prepare some buckets, plasters and pen up a life insurance; heavy stuff; no bullshitting you!!!

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